I recently bought two sets of the latest D&D Dungeon Tiles release, Sinister Woods. I was very disappointed with the design of the tiles. The tiles. Sinister Woods – Dungeon Tiles: Dungeon Tile Set DU5 (4th Edition D&D) book download Wizards RPG Team Download Sinister Woods – Dungeon Tiles. Title, System, Publisher, Released, Stock, Status. 1, DU5: Sinister Woods Dungeon Tiles, Generic 1 · Wizards of the Coast · , ,

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Very disappointed in DU5: Results 1 to 10 of I was very disappointed with the design of the tiles.

The tiles look great, and they’re of the same high quality I’ve come to expect of the line, but they fail a key test of a wilderness set: I don’t mind specialist tile sets which are mostly given to dressing, sinisyer this line doesn’t have enough eoods wilderness tiles in it. The first wilderness tile set DT4 Ruins of the Wild was great; it allowed the wilderness vistas I wanted. Unfortunately, that set is long in the past now.


New players starting 4E won’t have access to it. As we get siniater sets so rarely, I want them to have better utility than this.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Building large wilderness areas would be the primary purpose for me, so if it fails in that regard, I would be disappointed. I own the set, but haven’t really looked at it in detail. I got too much stuff on that day, and now the set is already at the gaming location.

DU5 Sinister Woods | DMDavid

I’ve ordered it and it should arrive by Friday. I’ll comment when I have it. Join Date Sep Posts Originally Posted by DaveMage.

I saw them and agree – they’re good for a group of 4 PCs facing mostly medium foes, maybe 1 large one. I think there’s a trend in 4th edition products to fall short of the guidelines they’re creating, and not because the guidelines are that hard to reach. There seems to be some sort of disconnect between different design teams I’m thinking specifically of skill challenge advice vs.

I mean, in 4e a 10 x 16 square area for a large group or a large-creature fight is about the minimum. Join Date Sep Location winchester ky Posts I’ve been using them with large outdoor wooss I have laminated to offer some variance to our basic outdoor maps. Works well for that. In general, the Dungeon Tiles would be best, if there was a Core line of them, which was always in print, which simply has very basic tiles.


Anyways, in case anyone wonders how the tiles look like, take a look at my sig. How would you guys like a grassland poster map with some dy5 tiles like trees, bushes, streams, ponds, etc?

DU5 Sinister Woods

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