Electronic code lock with user defined password using microcontroller The major components include a keypad, LCD and the controller AT89C51 which . Here is a project called ‘Digital Code Lock using AT89C’. LCD is used for display and a keyboard is used to input the keys. This project source code is. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C) Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible.

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Sun Dec 23 A pin is assigned as output for activating and deactivating the lock. We have explained the connections below.

Mon Dec 03 Sun Dec 30 In the example program given below, we use password and is stored in program memory location with label — PASSW. First we have to define 8 pin for keypad module. Keypad is used for inserting password into the microcontroller. Sat Dec 15 This location is incremented successively using INC R1 — command of We have used a predefined password in the program, this password can be defined by the user in the code below.

Downloads Automatic Railway Gate Control by: We hope you have understood the circuit, its working and the program really well. This effect has to be nullified either with a capacitor or with some tweaks inside software — for example — a 1 or 2 seconds delay after a key press is scanned. So our digital door lock project can be called with a very wide range of names like a digital combination lock using or a digital security code lock using microcontroller or a password security system using or an electronic code lock or a digital code lock using Fri Dec 07 We have already created a Digital lock using Arduino.


Digital Code lock using AT89C |

After this, in main program we have initialize LCD and then we read the input from Keypad using the keypad function and stores input keys into an array and then compare it from predefined array data using strncmp. After the four digits are entered, they are compared with the pre-set password. ditital

The password is entered by making use of a keypad. Electronic Lock using Switches. Retrieve Password Enter your email and to receive instructions Verification Image: Code is written for Keil. Take a look If you are interested in building based applications and systems yourself! Each digit loaded to accumulator is then compared with the corresponding digit stored as user input in address locations 16D to D by loading them one by one to register R1.

Free email signup Get latest projects, articles in your mail box, subscribe to electrifriends Email: For demonstration i have connected an LED to that pin.

Tue Dec 18 Should I just be burning the main. Sir can you help me for my project? Keypad Interfacing with Just keep the same port pins. Register R1 is assigned address location D. Electronic Identification and Personal Information card using Microcontroller.

The circuit diagram of digital code lock is given below. Wed Dec 12usign Rickey’s World Toggle sidebar Login Toggle sidebar.


You may read the tutorial on keypad to — interfacing to learn more about the programming. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! Entering master lock, user can enter the new 5 digit code for the lock and press ‘ ‘ to save usihg. Heart rate monitor with sms alert.

The program was running very well on at89s The password checking subroutine will compare each entered digit — one by one and if all the 5 digits are entered correctly i. A 16×2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits.

Digital Code lock using AT89C2051

SPI Module rigital Arduino. But when i run my code on Silicon IDEthe code is able to be build and download into the microntroller. The user has to input 5 digits consecutively after this message appears on LCD screen. Hi, I am working on digital code lock project.

Our Digital Code Hsing project — is a simple electronic number lock system or an electronic combination lock using — which has a preset 5 digit password stored inside the program. Hi guys im currently doing a project on a security system using the microntrollerand wanted to try the code to demo.