DHAMMAPADA V [Thomas Byrom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evocative photographs complement lyrical, aphoristic renderings. The Dhammapada is one of the most popular and accessible books in all of Thomas Byrom’s verse rendering of the Dhammapada uniquely captures the. The Dhammapada is a collection of sayings of the Buddha in verse form and one of the most .. Penguin Classics, ; Tr Thomas Byrom, Shambhala, Boston, Massachusetts, & Wildwood House, London, (ISBN ).

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Seek happiness in the senses, Indulge in food and sleep, And you too will be uprooted. Neither praise nor blame moves the wise man. And yet it is not good conduct That helps you upon the way, Nor ritual, nor book learning, Nor withdrawal into the self, Nor deep meditation.

Old Age 8 But virtue is also yours, And purity. Owning nothing, he misses nothing. As the moon slips from behind a cloud And shines, So the master comes out from behind his ignorance And shines.

Beware of the anger of the mouth. Their brightness sets them free. But as dust thrown against the wind, Mischief is blown back in the face Of the fool who wrongs the pure and harmless.

In all his actions he discriminates, And he becomes pure. He never returns evil for evil. Let go of winning and losing And find joy. Men, driven on by thirst, run about like a snared hare; let therefore the mendicant drive out thirst, by striving after passionlessness for himself. See the false as false, The true as true. Live in the way The Dhammapada, www. Follow them As the moon follows the path of the stars.


Your words are still.

Dhammapada – Wikipedia

Be quiet, And loving and fearless. And now he is one. For whatever you do, you do to yourself. When I pulled out sorrow’s shaft 1 showed you the way. He harms no living thing. Follow the way joyfully Through this world and beyond.

He wishes for nothing. The gods watch over him.

They tremble, they are unsteady, They wander at their own will. The true master lives in truth, In goodness and restraint, Non-violence, moderation and purity. Look into your heart. The elephant hauls himself from the mud. Seek rather the other shore. Come, consider the world, A painted chariot for kings, A trap for fools.

For an unwounded hand may handle poison. Like an elephant in the forest. If we translate the title based on how the term dhammapada is used in the verses [see Dhp verses 44, 45, ], it should probably be translated ‘Sayings of the Dharma,’ ‘Verses of the Dharma,’ or ‘Teachings of the Dharma.

Or else abandon your sorrows for the way.



The traveller who hesitates Only raises dust on the road. A man may grow old in vain. Then the victory is yours. And wherever he lives, In the city or the country, In the valley or in the hills, There is great joy.

Do not carry with you your mistakes. Free from passion and desire, You have stripped the thorns from the stem. As you would pluck an autumn lily, Pluck the arrow of desire.

The Way 13 Follow it to the end of sorrow. The Dhammapada is considered one of the most popular pieces of Theravada literature. The world cannot reclaim him Or lead him astray, Nor can the poisoned net of desire hold him. Do it over and dhsmmapada again, And you will be filled with joy.

Thomas Byrom ( of The Dhammapada)

Do not belittle your virtues, Saying, “They are nothing. Like the shining ones. Death overcomes him When with distracted mind and thirsty senses He gathers flowers. Like the embers of a fire It smoulders within him. Give up the old dhammapads – Passion, enmity, folly. Neglected, the sacred verses rust.