: Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 2) (): Meljean Brook: Books. Demon Moon (Guardians, book 4) by Meljean Brook – book cover, description, publication history. Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only.

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Though I truly enjoyed his character in Demon Angel, I thought he seemed shallow and vain and…almost immature? She’s also completely disconnected from her body, and to some extent, from her emotions due to a childhood trauma. The pacing issues were totally cleared up.

The sword used to make the pact had magical properties and as a result, Colin is unable to feed vampires without killing them or to ever transform a human to a vampire. Paperbackpages. God, if there is any mercy in the world for the cursed, then it will be yes. I even cried a little. She left the forest and mfljean on a misguided tour through the world of accounting, banking, and a very brief teaching career before focusing on her first loves, reading and writing–and she realized that monsters, superheroes, and happily-ever-afters are easily found between the covers, as well as under them, so she set out to make her own.

Demon Moon

Savi, despite her newly developed and enhanced abilities from the nosferatu blood and hellhound venom, is still very much human. Meljean has developed two wonderful Some books are good and make me feel happy Twilightsome are well written demoh cause me to feel strong emotions Time Traveler’s Wife and some are just so good – they are classics I’ll meljen over and over Dune. Other than that, the foggy purple background shading the extremely full moon with the hint of bare branches forms the background with a dark-haired woman wearing ddemon most interesting leather mini and lace-up cropped bustier in the arms of a blond wearing skintight riding pants and boots.


That, I would argue, is weird. In Demon Moonwe get broo, go inside his head and discover the real man. Irony has forced on this vain man a curse to never see his own reflection in the mirror again and no, it wasn’t given And I thought the angst of the year relationship in Demon Angel was bad Her worldbuilding is intriguing.

The Chaos part I liked, nice angsty moments there.

Demon Moon by Meljean Brook | : Books

Selah is another Guardian The Cover The cover is so not the story. She creates characters that have a far more interesting history and personality than I’m used to from PNR novels. In Demon Moon we’re finally told what sort of consequences their actions from back then had.

Feb 04, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: It just added a layer of complication that only served to make matters worse. The conflict between Savi and Colin, and the major thing that threatens their HEA was perfectly done.

Demon Moon (Guardians , book 4) by Meljean Brook

We meljewn both our main characters in the last book. Which is good, because he can’t look into a mirror without seeing the Chaos realm not normal for a vampiredenon almost everyone he comes into contact with thinks he’s a figment of their imagination or a dream. Michael is the first Guardian with all Guardian powers. Jun 30, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: Second in the Guardians paranormal romance series revolving around the Guardians, beings endowed with angelic powers when that human dies giving his or her life to save another.

She has no problem accepting the paranormal becase Hugh hero of the last book is her adopted brother.


Jul 08, dameolga rated it it was ok Shelves: But this vampire is also beyond unusual in strength. After reading Demon Angel I wasn’t very excited about picking this one up. I think I delayed starting this book because what I knew of Colin from Demon Angel was not very interesting to me. He began climbing the stairs, and she sighed with pleasure. I’m in awe that Brook took two very unusual characters and let them each grow and shape their individuality with passion and an all consuming love.

Meanwhile, Colin is a bit over the top at times with all of his vanity nonsense, but that made brokk all the more enjoyable to finally see him brooj to his knees by love.

He’d sacrifice himself, and he loves himself – at least at one point – above all others, but for Savi, he’d gladly die. They were instrumental in forcing Lucifer into closing the Gates of Hell for the next years. Characters are very likable but the story seemed to drag.

How to Date Your Dragon by Molly. Following are two examples for readers to xemon for themselves. The Guardians 2 Also in this series: A position in which he has no interest. It was just my own busy life intruding on my reading time. Like the faulty prototype.

Will I go on with the series? Never tearing his astonished gaze from Savi’s, Colin nodded his agreement. Then Colin comes along. It felt like a way to make Colin Vampire Boss.

June 5th Genres: Having experienced it three times, I’m thinking that it still isn’t enough.