Chris Hallinan. Field Applications Engineer. MontaVista Software, Inc. Debugging Embedded Linux: Tools & Strategies. Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach, 2nd Edition Debugging Embedded Linux (Digital Short Cut); By Christopher Hallinan; eBook . Hallinan begins by touring a typical Linux-based embedded system, Learn many tips and techniques for debugging within the Linux kernel Christopher Hallinan, field applications engineer at MontaVista software, has.

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Host System Requirements The first part of this Short Cut examines some of these complexities as they relate to kernel debugging and present ideas and methods to improve your debugging skills, inside the kernel itself and then inside device drivers.

Other File Systems 9. Linux Source Organization U-Boot Command Sets 7.

Starting the Target Board 2. U-Boot Makefile Configuration Target 7. Systems on Chip 3. First User Space Program 6.


EP Processor Initialization 7. Dumping the printk Log Buffer BusyBox is Easy Sources of Preemption Latency The Root FS Challenge 6. Spinlock Converted to Mutex O 1 Scheduler Device Driver Concepts 8. Standards and Relevant Bodies 1. Challenges to Kernel Debugging Module Build Infrastructure 8. Debugging with Shared Libraries Debugging Multiple Tasks Debugging Chrkstopher Linux by Christopher Hallinan.

Flash File Systems 2. Introduction to BusyBox Initialization Flow of Control 5.

Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

Useful Kernel gdb Macros Bootloader Support for initrd 6. Thank you for sharing such great inoromatifn about android app development. The init Thread 5.

Kernel Build System 4. BusyBox Commands Appendix D. Suggestions for Additional Reading Chapter 8.

Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach – Hallinan Christopher

Installing Your Device Driver 8. Debugging the Real-Time Kernel Early Variable Access Debugging Optimized Kernel Code Debugging Embedded Linux Applications Debugging Multiple Processes Building an initrd Image 6.

File System Hierarchy Standard 6. ISRs as Kernel Tasks Kernel Image Components 4.


The Image Object 5. Apart from these references, the Short Cut is fully self-contained and is an excellent choice for embedded Linux developers interested in learning both kernel-level and application-level debugging techniques.

Critical Section Management Enabling MTD Services Hallinan begins by touring a typical Linux-based embedded system, introducing key concepts and components, and calling attention to differences between Linux and traditional embedded environments.