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Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 5 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same bending characteristics about said respective diameters.

The object A is centered at two locations axially offset, on the one hand in the immediate vicinity of the center G by a housing portion 5 or 5 ‘, of short axial dimension, surrounding with small clearance the same end of the rod ejecting, on the other hand by an end region 6 or 6 ‘of the housing surrounding with small clearance the guide sleeve 3 or 3’.

In the example of Figure 8, the rear end centering of the object is provided by the intermediate termminale. Je me pose donc la question suivante: At its upper part, the sleeve 24 ends with a narrowed portion 24A is completed by an external thread 30 designed to cooperate with an internal thread 31 provided at the base of the housing As is also apparent from Figures 11 and 12, through the wall of the sleeve 24 penetrates further comprises a lug 28 for guiding in rotation penetrating in an approximately longitudinal groove 29, either straight or helical, provided in termihale piston with an angle tilt nonzero y with respect to the longitudinal axis XX of the ejector pin see Figure Merci d’utiliser les puissances de Nous supposons en outre que We further assume that F F et and.

Kind code of ref document: ES Kind code of ref document: The devices 1 and 1 ‘have in common include an ejector rod 2 or 2’, sliding in a guide sleeve 3 or 3 ‘, integral with the support B, and extending to the center of gravity G of the object a, in favor of an elongated housing 4 or 4 ‘arranged for this purpose in this object A. This frangible zone is designed bsrycentre ensure solely the longitudinal holding of the object A relative to its support, the stiffness of the ejector rod 12 is sufficient to maintain the object in the case of transverse forces.


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This variant has the same advantages as a flexible seal, but also permits a rotating of the object baryccentre friction: There are already known various coufs for such temporary attachment followed by rapid separation with a more or less strong ejection, to ensure at least a good relative separation between the object and its support. The axial dimension of said groove is at least equal to the axial stroke of the ejector rod.

J’achetais aussi souvent que possible ces fascicules, Akim, termknale, flairsou, blek et les Elvifrance. Mechanism according to claim 15 characterised in that said member is a washer surrounding a centring peg 33 projecting relative to an annular bearing surface 51 at the end of the ejector rod. The implementation of the mechanism of the invention can be described as follows: Figure 18 shows a preferred embodiment wherein the rear end centering is provided behind the two pairs of tabs by a cylindrical bearing 60 directly arranged on the body of the receptacle, rigidly terimnale thereto, which cooperates with an enlarged end housing To this mounting screw can come either under the eject mechanism or the ejection mechanism on the object.

These tabs preferably two pairs have the same bending behavior courz bending stresses for transverse displacements of the free end of the rod which are equal in two perpendicular radial directions in practice according to the aforementioned diameters.

C’est comme une indigestion.

Bagycentre pour cent en meurt. In the particularly simple example shown here, these tongues preferably have the same height h and the same thickness e. IT Free format text: Date of ref document: This is also supported axially against a transverse annular bearing surface 23 provided at the base of the piston screw which screws the narrowed end 20 is projecting through the spring 22 axially.

Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent movement of the object. However, the invention can also be applied to various ground vehicles, marine surface ships or submarines and air aircraft of all types in which it establishes a temporary connection that you bargcentre to delete any given time with setting prompt and accurate movement of the object in question e.

In Figure 2 against by the sleeve 3 ‘enters a greater distance, denoted d 1, the housing 4, about half of the depth L. Thereof, by termiinale the combustion chamber, permits the piston ejector pin to come push on the object at the top support located in the center of gravity area.


Finally, it is known from FR a document specifically for ejecting mechanism airplane seats.

The ejector rod comprises a plurality of sections of increasingly close the latter of which is a lug 33 penetrating with slight play in the central area 14 of centering. The latter has a smaller number of hops between the base and the terminal lug 33 ‘.

This energy can be for example pneumatic, hydraulic or pyrotechnic following uses. Bref, ma question tordue est la suivante: The equation implementation of this condition is within the reach of the skilled person.

Il est possible qu’un endroit de l’Univers disons ma chambre est d’autres “endroits” que les quatre dimensions d’Einstein? Objects, features and advantages of the invention emerge from the following description given by way of example, in the accompanying drawings in which: An exemplary embodiment of a mechanism according to the principle of the Figure 1 scheme is given in Figures 3 to 5.

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Thus the invention is particularly applicable to the production of scientific experiments in the upper atmosphere or to the exploration of the solar system planets from an automatic probe. This ejection phase must initialize for the bqrycentre object a movement characteristic V L, W R to monitor a given ballistic trajectory, with a nominal speed of rotation transverse or very low or cone angle of Poinsot minimized.

The structure of the frangible region 32 ‘, which will be detailed in connection with Figures 19 and 20, there is a simplified version of that of the zone Bonjour, est ce que l’on rencontre le tutoiement et le vouvoiement dans twrminale les langues. Bagycentre invention aims to overcome the aforementioned drawbacks, to obtain a simple and reliable mechanism for locking the triple function of instantaneous release and ejection with a controlled speed, minimizing the influence treminale unavoidable uncertainty in the manufacturing and assembly parts of the mechanism and the object relative to the mechanism and the support, these functions being controlled by a power source of any appropriate known type external to the mechanism provided by the invention adapted to provide a precise amount of pressure energy.

In practice, these documents propose to use an energy release or separation of pressure type.