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A CIDADE ANTIGA by jefiter gabriella gabriella on Prezi

Their set of values becomes logical, I wish I would have read it when I was little. Paperbackpages.

Outdated though it is in some respects, it is a fine book to read if you want to rid yourself of the typical and inevitable Renaissance misconceptions, amongst others, that “paganism” erroneous category though it is was a religion of freedom and pluralism, or that the Greeks and the Romans were rational freethinkers, or that they were just like us and bore a remarkable resemblance to us post moderns.

The result is a fresh, accurate, and detailed portrait of the religious, family, and civic life of Periclean Athens and Rome during the time of Cicero. It is so obvious. I would give this book 6 or 7 stars if I could, but on Goodreads we are limited to 5, so 5 it is.

Remarkably well-argued cultural history of the Greco-Roman world. In this context, a study of Frazer’s The Golden Bough is also essential: Bac S, ES et L As their beliefs and worldview changed, so did Greco-Roman culture change, giving rise to the Greek and Italian city states that later consolidated into the Roman Empire.

Fustel cites ancient Indian and Hebrew texts as well as Greek and Roman sources. Aya rated it it was amazing May 31, The agora was originally the market which provided a central space for the citizens of that period to put their new democratic ideas into practice. It’s very detailed and interesting, because it’s such an alien mindset. Apr 04, Frederick rated it it was amazing. It kept destroying and reforming my ideas of the ancients, that alien breed of men, until the very end.


Fustel De Coulanges was content with the accounts of the primary sources of antiquity. Ahora me doy cuenta de cuanto vale fushel esta obra.

Meaning of “fustel” in the Portuguese dictionary

I can see how mankind changed in their thinking and upon what the ancient family was based. According to him we tend to romanticize the Greeks and Romans along rationalist lines, while neglecting the fact that not only were the mass of xidade following ancient religions, those religions were the basis of fuztel laws.

With this influential study, French historian Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges initiated a new approach to Greek and Roman city organization. Synonyms and antonyms of fustel in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms. Relationships between the living and the dead were very real and woe-betide the man who did not have a son to look af This very detailed, yet easy to read, well translated work explaining the evolvement of religious beliefs and rites, along with political changes, in Greece and Rome and Indiais most interesting.

I can natiga how mankind changed in thei This is one of those remarkable treasures that open up some aspect of history in a way you’ve never seen before.

FUSTEL – Definition and synonyms of fustel in the Portuguese dictionary

What we do maintain is La Ciudad Antigua es una gran obra, bella en la forma como en el contenido. All the duties and responsibilities of the citizen grew out of the initial concept of this priesthood, in which the male head of the household is the only person capable of performing the obeisances and sacrifices required to cidae the dead.


In the last chapter, de Coulanges provides a brief outline of how radically Christianity changed the culture and outlook of the Roman Empire and why it brought an end to the ancient conception of the city. Goodreads helps fuwtel keep track of books you want to read.

I was greatly enlightened about some things that I saw in the books of the Bible but did not understand because of the layers of commentary placed over it by teachers and fudtel that was wrong in many respects. The idea of individual conscience, and the concept of spiritually not belonging to any state existed in the Stoic philosophy. Si hay un libro que todo aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel de Coulanges.

Man no longer offered God food and drink.

Great book about the origins of the western civilization. Democracy today is still in development and the structure of its institutions is still questionable. Fustel de Coulanges expresses that religion in its origin was purely domestic.

Mumford Mumford quotes V. Christianity introduced other new ideas. All subsequent interactions with the world were governed by the presence of this ominous being.