Parents need to know that The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, by Glee’s Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt Hummel), is warm and heartfelt, as well as imaginative. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell brings readers on a thrilling quest filled with magic spells, laugh-out-loud humor, and page-turning adventure. Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer – review. ‘I found it so imaginative and descriptive that I felt I was there’. Poppy Fri 6 Mar.

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He writes like a teenager. Informizely customer feedback surveys. Primarily Conner and his humorous jibes toward his sister: Alex discovers that her mother was captured by Ezmia, “the Enchantress,” and that the Sleeping Kingdom was in ruin. Co This is my 1 favorite series of all time, I am now ashamed to say that I didn’t even want to read this book at first. Nor is it the best book I have ever read.

Written by Anonymous October 24, View all 9 comments. What do you think of the situations that Colfer places his fairy-tale characters in after their happily-ever-after endings? Obviously I didn’t read those words aloud, but a few kids following along know that they were there. Originally reviewed on Books Take You Places.

Alex was going through mood swings, in which her hair would float above her head and her eyes would glow. But it’s different in a Disney movie, where it’s a subtle joke intended for adults, which most children won’t even notice. Read more Read less. The Land of Stories revolves around two twins obsessed with fairy tales. On June 13,it was announced that Twentieth Century Fox is developing a film adaptation of the first book, The Wishing Spellwith Colfer directing and writing the screenplay.

In her hands was a world unlike the one she lived in. This plot device is irritating not only because it is repetitive, but also because Conner feels perfectly comfortable insulting and walking all over the people he meets. Froggy gives them a journal that tells of the Wishing Spell, a spell that can grant whatever wish the person wants if the person has eight items.


He sings way better chrix he writes.

Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

It would hold a special place in my heart for that alone, even if it wasn’t as good as it actually is! The land cofer stories is not a Hogwarts, Narnia, or Oz–both terrifying and delightful.

The ingredients to the potion contain a branch from the oldest tree in the woods, a feather from the finest pheasant in the sky, a liquefied lock and key that belonged to a true love,two weeks of moonlight and a spark of wishinh. Then, two days before the twins’ eleventh birthday, their dad is killed in a car accident.

Middle-grade can mean some very quality writing that all ages can enjoy.

I really enjoyed reading the Cllfer of Stories: Colfer has a great sense of humor and a very good voice by this I mean his writing. The twins are trying to find a way out of the book but a dark force is trying to stop them. He truly manages to give every character their own voice and personality and that’s no small feat considering the large number of characters in this book!

The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, #1) by Chris Colfer

The bloggers, the entertainment “news” make it seem this place is relentlessly cruel. Exciting but flawed fantasy series launch.

Thier father’s loss hits them all very hard and their mom must work double shifts to support them. View all 4 comments. The twins then believe that they were to be separated forever after the fairies decided to seal all portals leading to and from The Land of Stories.

Cinderella as a futuristic cyborg. Not one of my favourite books, but I still really enjoyed the imaginative and evocative fantasy elements throughout this story.

I loved how they are all connected and intertwined together in another dimension–the Land of Stories. And this isn’t a very good portrayal of women for children to have, either.


Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer – review

In The Land of Stories the Wishing Spell the book has great description that clearly paints a picture splel you mind at all times. A few instances of “damn. The series ends with Charlie hearing a sound and going to the attic chrris seeing the Land of Stories book shine. The message that he wants to give his readers is simple and yet so important: I love retellings of stories we all know because I love to see what authors do with the stories and the characters.

Colfer recorded his audio book using his own voice. Open Preview See a Problem? I was surprised that for a book aimed at children there was some questionable language. Witty and fun, with a dash of danger this book comes!

The bad news is that four girls called the Book Huggers are also going. Five companion books to the series have been published. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

I didn’t want to say goodbye to Alex and Conner. But this is not a well written one.

In this book Alex and Conner Bailey are normally 6th grade twins. Later on, at Red and Froggy’s wedding, Morina the beauty witch arrives and claims to be Froggy’s first lover and the one who cursed him to live as a frog.

When you were begging everyone at your house to read to you, or when you learned reading before you even went to school only wishng you wanted to read all those wonderful stories all by yourself.