Skylane TT. Information supplied from Cessna Model TT Pilot Operating Handbook. Takeoff Distance. ISA, Flaps 20 Degrees, No Wind, Paved Level. Cessna’s new turbocharged TT From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna TT doesn’t look much different from the S. Aircraft Overview. This CT is one of our new generation Cessna’s. It is ideal for advanced flight training (CPL) and CSU endorsements for.

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This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat What’s even easier to imagine is a scenario whereby SVT simply helps you stay on top of more typical situations: Through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we sat watching the weather, each day hoping for cessn and each day being disappointed.

At 8, feet we were seeing true airspeeds cessn slightly better than knots, and at that altitude our headwinds were manageable, around 20 knots or so. The entire system is housed in a panel overhead. The latest additions to the airplane are few but impressive, and the list of features added when the T model was launched a few years back are numerous.

The system includes a gear position warning that emits an intermittent tone through the cabin speaker when the gear is in the retracted position and either the throttle is reduced below approximately 12″ MAP manifold pressure or the flaps are extended beyond 20 degrees.

It’s the same with the prop. The market for used Skylanes is very good for buyers right now and very challenging for sellers, and that has been the case for some time.

R182 RG Turbo Skylane

What it was, and remains today, is a solid, safe, good handling, decent-sized load hauler with good range and enough speed to get the job done, whether that job is hauling a load from one side of a rural county to the other or flying four friends to a vacation resort three states away. The airplane we were flying was brand new, fewer than 10 hours on it, so starting it took a little fiddling. While Chris hand-flew the airplane, I took some photographs of the PFD as we approached the ridgelines, always leaving ourselves several easy and unambiguous outs.


And “more smoothly,” we’ve all come to learn, translates fairly directly into “more safely. Takeoff and landing runway requirements are minimal, if not exactly in the STOL class. Getting Reacquainted With the Skylane One of the first things you notice about the is its impressive interior.

Aeronautical Publications Updates Article. TBOs were lower, turbocharged engines ran hotter, fuel burn was high, maintenance cost more, and pilots were justifiably concerned about reliability. The upgrades that came with the launch of the T in are all there, too.

By any measure, Skylanes are almost universally regarded as wonderful machines, blessed with docile handling, reasonable performance, good reliability, and in some cases full fuel, four-place capability. What’s New The question “What’s new? Again, nothing is particularly complicated or critical, but there are systems, however rudimentary, to manage.

By Sunday, the front had mostly gone through the area, and we were looking at a forecast of clear skies a few hundred miles west of Austin, which is where we wanted to go to get to some high country to test out the SVT and see the turbocharger earn its keep. As we flew nearer the ridge and the terrain came closer to our altitude, the rendering of that high terrain on the synthetic vision display began to change color, at first to yellow, when it was a threat but still below us.

With the gusty conditions and a good deal of wind shear turo final, Tugbo kept a few extra knots in on final, a sentiment that Chris seconded, and we touched down well past the numbers but still using up relatively little runway in the process, even with the faster-than-standard approach speed and the use of just one notch of flaps.


Retrieved 2 June After we got back from lunch and an impromptu self-guided tour of downtown Marfa in our ’80s-vintage Pontiac, we had the Skylane topped off, though we didn’t actually need to.

For takeoff you simply push the throttle full forward — there’s an automatic wastegate, so you don’t have to worry about overboosting the engine too much. They’ve turo the airplane quieter, smoother and more versatile, with longer range tanks and improved aerodynamics.

Free Aviation Stuff – Red Sky Ventures / Cessna Training Manuals

One of the first things you notice about the is its impressive interior. They did a much better job corrosion-proofing the airplane. See more information on validations on our foreign license packages. It is, in fact, a situation that predated by years the economic downturn, though the current financial crisis has exacerbated the situation, to be sure.

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The landing gear retraction system in the Skylane RG uses hydraulic actuators powered by an electrically driven pump.

McCauley CS Landing gear type: The Cessna is an all-metal mostly aluminum alloy aircraft, although some parts — such as engine cowling nosebowl and wingtips — are made of fiberglass or thermoplastic material. Still, position an old and a new Skylane side-by-side in bare aluminum trim, and you might be hard-pressed to tell the difference.