Early Childhood 3 – 6. In an Infant / Toddler community two age ranges can be distinguished: Nido (2. About Heutink. Together with us. Nienhuis Montessori was founded in

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Movement Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning. This is what Maria Montessori would have done when she would still be alive. A Unique Creation Process.

Children across the globe choose Nienhuis Montessori materials for a reason. All of the Nienhuis factories worldwide are certified by the: Provide children with an early and general foundation The preschool environment unifies the psychosocial, physical and academic functioning of the child. Learning is in the details Precise materials are at the heart of a Montessori education.

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Please visit our Heutink International webshop for more information. Are you looking to buy Nienhuis Montessori materials from any other country? It goes without saying that Nienhuis Montessori strongly honors the Legacy created by Maria and Mario Montessori, but also wants to improve the present and create the future. When children come into the niennhuis, their first function is to adapt to their environment so that montesskri may become a member of the human group to which they uniquely belong.

A children’s house

A place in which they should feel at home and secure. Child Care Sri Lanka Heutink offers financial support to improve the opportunity for good education for the children of the employees of our factory ninhuis Sri Lanka, Nienhuis Asia.


Spare Parts Beads, cubes, tablets, knobs, puzzle pieces…There are almost items. Its most important task is to provide children with an early and general foundation that will enable them to acquire more monteszori knowledge and skills throughout their school career. Commitment And Passion A specially trained teacher guides the children in such a way that they learn to work independently and with a specifi c aim.

Our brand new Nienhuis. Explore our materials at the new Nienhuis.

Click below link to enter the new webshop. Spare cafalogue Our extensive range of crafting materials enable children to be creative, use their imagination and explore their artistic performance. Learning is in the details We believe that precision is the cornerstone of learning. Handing out shoe boxes filled with schoolsupplies and gifts to children in disadvantaged areas.

Infant/Toddler () | Nienhuis Montessori

Children choose their activities from among the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves that allow the children to learn through all five senses. Montessodi the Heutink Group. The Toddler materials may look simple, but based on years of observation, experiment and study they are precisely designed. Welcome to the new Nienhuis. We believe that imprecise materials cripple understanding. This service prevents you from having to invest in a new material. Just about anything you might need to keep your cataalogue in the best possible condition.

You are now subscribed with the email address: Precise materials are at the heart of a Montessori education. You probably have met me somewhere niehnuis the globe at one of the many Montessori conferences or congresses. Educating people is a skill. Register now Visit webshop. This year’s theme is ‘ A journey through the planes of development ‘.


The use of colors and shapes helps children concentrate and makes learning fun. Assortment Where to buy?

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and inspired on the latest Nienhuis Montessori USA news, events and many more. He has shown us the true process of construction of the human being. Now able to form hypotheses, to use logic and reason, to glean information through research, and to make knowledgeable assumptions and suppositions; the child has reached the point of abstract thinking.

This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Nienhuis combines skills with technology, and has been doing so for over 85 years. The products and brands of the Heutink Group are made at different production locations in the Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka.

Ina distribution center was opened in the United States to focus on Montessori customers in North and South America. See all products in our new webshop.