These tapes (now on one CD) have meant the world to me. Regardless what you think about Castaneda, these “exercises” are both energizing and relaxing. “TENSEGRITY” AND MAGICAL PASSES. Carlos Castaneda interviewed for The New Times by Clair Baron More than thirty years ago, as an anthropologist. Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Dreaming Castaneda Images of a 20th-century sorcerer. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird.

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Studies in Contemporary Fiction. But the thing that set Carlos apart dastaneda his genius for taking all this and communicating it in a way that truly moved people. I’ve only read “The Teachings of Don Juan”, and before I got to the third part of the book I knew that he [Castaneda] did know of the Yaquis and that he had not been to the Rio Yaqui river, or that there is no terminology in the Yaqui language for any of the instructions and explanations that “Don Juan” was giving it to him [Castaneda] [32].

When confronted by correspondent Sandra Burton about discrepancies in his personal history, Castaneda responded: If anything, the controversies surrounding Castaneda are greater than ever. December 25, CajamarcaPeru. And if, in the end, Don Juan never existed? His eyes – supremely watchful, intensely alive, often projecting an improbable combination of grief and amusement — were the most remarkable thing tensdgrity him.

A Prologue to the Social Sciences. Retrieved 17 April We are adventurers, struggling to perpetuate, to better, to evolve our species.

In omitting temsegrity intrinsically relevant terms from his ethnography, Castaneda critically undermines his portrait of Don Juan as a bona fide Yaqui sorcerer. By then he was already refusing all interviews, yet I was naively convinced he would see me. We would sometimes go to the movies. When would you like to meet? Archived from the original on 6 June De Mille painstakingly combed through Castaneda’s four published volumes, trolling them for inconsistencies, cross-referencing his ethnographic data with other spiritual and philosophical disciplines from which de Mille felt Carlos had stolen.


Ralph Beals asked to see Castaneda’s field notes and was unhappy when Carlos continually dodged the request. In the end, it’s the work that mattered, whatever its provenance.

Spicer offered a somewhat mixed review of The Teachings of Don Juanhighlighting Castaneda’s expressive prose and his vivid depiction of his relationship with Don Juan. Amalia Marin was born in Puerto Rico, became active in business caztaneda eventually followed Castaneda, changing her name to Amalia Marquez.

Carlos Castaneda

Tensegrity seminars, books, and other merchandise were sold through Cleargreen. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”.

After Castaneda stepped away from public view inhe bought a large multi-dwelling property caxtaneda Los Angeles which he shared with some of his followers. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Tensegrity: Carlos Castaneda’s Esoteric System

Next year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of The Teachings of don Juan; Simon and Schuster will publish a special thirtieth-year edition of the book, complete with a new preface from the author.

The challenge was ultimately castnaeda [3]. Retrieved 23 February How hard did you look? Often we simply went for lunch or dinner, then for a walk. The organization’s stated purpose is “carrying out the instruction and publication of Tensegrity”.

Retrieved from ” https: Not that I imagined I could ever wholly follow his sorceric dictums; understanding the secrets of the universe is one thing, getting one’s kid to bed at the proper time is quite another. Beginning inRichard de Mille published a series of tehsegrity that yensegrity inconsistencies in Castaneda’s field notes, as well as several instances of apparent plagiarism. Another day, he gave me a compass and told me I should turn my bed around, head to the west or was it the east?


In a series of articles, R.

Tensegrity – about the practice of Carlos Castaneda’s magical passes

A little fudging perhaps, but not a whole system in the manner of The Teachings, written by an unknown student with, at the outset, no hope of commercial success. Retrieved 22 February Tensegrity is the name given to the modern version of the Magical Passes: At the appointed moment, I would stand outside my West Hollywood apartment building and wait for him to drive up in his dusty tan van – inevitably at least half an hour late. Some of his sorcerer’s tips were more practical than philosophical.

You say that those movements were “discovered” Carlos Castaneda found this process, tensegrity, to be a perfect energetic description of the modern practice of the magical passes and of the way of being that don Juan Matus taught him. When can one expect “results”?

Castanea speak of her reverting to a child-like state, and there are reports that new followers of the Tensegrity group were told to play dolls with her. After years of inaccessibility, Castaneda began making public appearances in what would be the last decade of his life.

Then he would call someone – often a university colleague – with whom he had an appointment. The Teaching of Don Jaun: Clement Meighan and Stephen C.

Archived from the original on 18 June Further Conversations with Don Juan.