Read Cancelled Comic Cavalcade comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page. Cancelled-Comic-CavalcadePage-1 The legendary “DC Implosion” of June (leading to the sudden cancellation of twenty-six new titles. From the rubble In our final installment serializing excerpts from Comic Book Implosion — Keith Dallas and John Wells’ minutely detailed oral.

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Lure of the Magnetic Menace Table of Contents: The Death Disciples Table of Contents: When he finally discovers this fact, Polaris takes him prisoner until Black Lightning comes to the rescue. Cancelled Comic Cavalcade 2 Genres. Like I said, we did this cheap.

As a last gambit, Carson snatches Marcy-Anne and tries to flee, but Aaron saves her and puts Carson down. Therefore, staff members “published”, in extremely limited quantities, two volumes of Cancelled Comic Cavalcade.

Retroactive Continuity: Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #1

Later, Deadman discovers that Annabelle Lee can hear him and talk with him, and promises to try and build a link between the spirit world and her own.

Pencil credit confirmed with artist, Aprilwho states this is a xerox of his very tight pencils.

The Steve Ditko Omnibus Vol. Sign In Don’t have an account? From the rubble emerged Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, two blank-covered volumes of the material consigned to the filing cabinets.

If you find any characters that appear in this issue, episode, movie, game or book but are not included on the page, please add them to the Appearances list of the template. Sadly, the story ends there. Quair Tox tells OMAC that the only hope that Earth has is if a single strong leader could be found that could end the hostilities.


Colored versions of the covers, found on the internet. An Editorial, of Sorts Table of Contents: Includes no comica elements. There is no title or logo on the first cavalacde. Milgrom on the right, Saviuk on the left. This could even be a collectible event! Although he has the opportunity to go to any world of his choosing and start a new life, he elects to return to his home dimension of [[Ea Contents [ show ].

Escaping, he finds Trysannda and saves her from a demon.

Instead, he uses his flute to round up all the insects and lead them out of xomics. Prez was a creation of the other half of the Simon-Kirby team, Joe Simon. Among the new series planned, but never published: Refusing to carry a gun, the Deserter instead relies on his ingenuity and innate courage to outwit a group of thugs bent on overtaking a nearby town.

DC instead experienced canceled poor sales in winter The name is a sardonic reference to the DC Explosiona marketing campaign in which DC began publishing more titles and increased the number of story pages in all of its titles, accompanied by higher cover prices. Her powers go haywire, and Deadman dives into her mind to try to help, but he is foiled by some unknown force, and Annabelle is left in a coma. In point of fact, I cancellex those books together, and Paul Levitz actually talked me out of running one or two stories that were really bad.

The Green Team was a group of boy millionaires who used their wealth and love of adventure to defeat such menaces as giant lobsters and the Deadly Paperhanger. Archived from the original on December 21, We went crazy and commissioned covers from Alex Saviuk and Al Milgrom… everybody gets hit by a truck, but they probably worked for free to be in on the joke or to get a copy!


The pair are locked in a cell with Santa, although Sandman easily effects their escape. The compilation also included a gallery of unused cover art, including: When the Creeper tries to intervene, he finds that Dr.

If these tapestries are destroyed, the incubus loses his power, but his victims also die. But an outburst of psychic power cavalcaee a fire, and, after borrowing a scientist’s body to get him and a female coworker out of harm’s way, Deadman opts to stay and investigate the mystery. And then the Implosion hit.

On-sale date from copyright registration. I did like the promise of all those backup series, and had been buying Kamandi just for the Starlin OMAC series, so it was sad to see that go away. Where the crunch really hit me was in the DC Implosion. On his way to help fight Dr.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade Vol 1 1 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Stein tests the powers of Firestorm, mob scion Jonathan Shine insists on using an experimental submersible in dangerous weather. Archived from the original on August 4, Story originally scheduled for Showcase DC, seriesthis story was then intended for the unpublished The Deserter 1.

Psi-Lab One, a facility where scientists study cancelldd paranormal, has been erected on the site where Boston Brand was murdered years ago. Secondary features were planned, but the titles in which three were to appear were cancelled before the stories were produced; the reasons the two planned for Adventure Comics were left unreleased are unknown:.