Matei Călinescu. · Rating details · ratings · 12 reviews. Five Faces of Modernity is a series of semantic and cultural biographies of words that have taken. Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism. Front Cover. Matei Călinescu. Duke University Press, Modernist Cultures invites essays from various fields of inquiry, including anthropology, art history, cultural studies, ethnography, film studies, history, literature.

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Five Faces of Modernity | Duke University Press

Fcaes Without Youth Univ. First, the autonomy of culture, achieved in art, now begins to pass over xalinescu the arena of life. For the romantics in the limited historical sense of our contemporary notion the aspiration toward universality, the desire to make the work of art resemble as closely as possible the transcendent model of beauty, belonged to the classical past.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Stendhal believed that “romanticisme,” a word he borrowed from the Italian, was simply “the modegnity of presenting to the peoples literary works which, in view of the present-day state of their customs and beliefs, afford them the utmost possible pleasure.

In this way, the pattern of literary and artistic development through negation of the established models of taste was created.

But this, obviously, does not mean that the gothic has no rules or goals of its own by which its achievements should be judged. An Anthology of Sources and Documents. For the old age of the world is to be accounted the true antiquity; and this is kodernity attribute of our own times, not of the earlier age of the world in which the ancients lived; and which, though in respect to us it was elder, yet in respect to the world it was younger.

The paradox, of which Stendhal is an illustration, is that the modern-minded writer often finds that the present is unprepared to accept the very things falinescu it most needs. Today’s reader of Perrault cannot help being struck by the narrow theoretical orthodoxy of this author who had been so controversial in his time.

Your Friends Email Address: Curtius calls our attention to this crucial distinction: Aug 19, Klara P. So Perrault and the moderns did not od that antiquity’s ideal of beauty could have been different from their own. According to that notion, romanticism was essentially an expression of the Genius of Christianity, to use the title of Chateaubriand’s famous book, in which a new parallel be- tween calinsecu ancients and the moderns was drawn, and in which the superiority of the latter was seen as resulting from their practice of not only the truest but also the most poetical of all religions.



The only thing that the ancients still had on their side — this as a result of the work of the Renaissance humanists — was beauty. This hypothesis is meant to prepare the reader to follow the main argument of the book: A history of the term “utopia” would certainly be able to document in suggestive detail its progressive enrichment with temporal elements since the day when in Thomas More published his De optimo reipublicae statu deque nova insula Utopia.

Thanks for cive us about the problem. The cautiously relativistic Enlightenment philosophy of beauty is now replaced by a fatalistic historicism, which stresses the idea of total discontinuity between cultural cycles. Five Faces of Modernity is a series of semantic and cultural biographies of words that have taken on special significance in the last century and a half or so: Some of the inner conflicts of modern aesthetic consciousness as illustrated by Baudelaire form the central theme of the important essay “Literary Modegnity and Literary Modernity” by 52 Paul de Man, whose arguments and conclusions fivve to be considered at some length.

The idea of a Christian poetry as distinct from and superior to that of antiquity was not absolutely new; as we have seen, it had been expressed not very consequentially by Christian authors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, only to be abandoned during the neoclassical age by both the “ancients” and the “moderns.

FIVE FACES OF MODERNITY Modernism Avant-Garde Decadence Kitsch | Veria Wang –

Baudelaire’s aesthetic seems caught up in a major contradiction. At the beginning, the idea of modernity asserted itself only in nonreligious matters — the philosophy of nature, science, poetics. When the darkness has been dispersed, our 17 descendants can come again in the former pure radiance.

The defenders of classical tradition were thus able to suggest that the attitude of the moderns was biased, that their claim of being superior to the fqces contained an element of dubious and finally disqualifying partisanship. One of the most significant metamorphoses of the medieval analogy is to be found, toward the middle of the seventeenth century, in Pascal’s Preface to the Treatise on Vacuum ? Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. So, the relevance of the artist’s intuitions is to be confirmed by the future.

The contrasting figures of the giants and the dwarfs were eliminated, but the essential idea of succeeding generations symbolized by human bodies sitting on the shoulders of each other was kept and developed. In a word, if a particular modernity is to be worthy to become antiquity, it is necessary to extract ccalinescu it the mysterious beauty that human life involuntarily gives it….


Hoffmann’s tales of the supernatural, and the typically Hoffmannesque antithesis between the creative powers of imagination symbolized by, among others, the unforgettable Anselmus in Der Goldene Topf and the utterly platitudinous character of the bourgeois world, with its solemn og empty earnestness.

But the argument of modernity was too relativistically czlinescu to be used in religious disputes. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The second phase, starting with the Renaissance and extending through omdernity Enlightenment, is characterized by a gradual separation of modernity from Christianity. The purpose of these brief introductory remarks has been simply to point out that the concepts under scrutiny, for all their heterogenous origins and diversity of meaning, share one major characteristic: It was certainly the ambiguity, by which one enjoyed the freedom to modrenity only one of the two meanings combined in the metaphor, that made Bernard’s dictum into a widely circulating formula and, eventually, into 7 a rhetorical commonplace.

Lists with This Book. Grossly exaggerated, their contradictions and secret implications suddenly become obvious.

Five Faces of Modernity: Modernism, Avant-garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism

fsces On another, more ambitious level, Calinescu deals at length with the larger issues, dilemmas, ideological tensions, and perplexities brought about by the assertion of modernity. Roughly speaking, Perrault was scolded for two main reasons, a moral one it was petty, ungrateful, and selfserving to denigrate the modernityy in order to underscore one’s own meritsand a technical one the defects attributed to the ancients were in fact attributable only to their unfaithful and ungifted translators, whom the moderns were referring to simply because they knew neither Greek nor Latin.

Thus, the temporal relativism implied by the aesthetic concept of modernity, and specifically the view that no tradition is by itself more valid than any other, while serving as a justification of the overall antitraditionalism of modernism and the total freedom of individual artists to choose their ancestors at their own discretion, may also be seen as a precondition for the all-embracing and blandly tolerant eclecticism of kitsch as a style.

Modernism, Avant-garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism. As a result, the term “philistine,” negative and insulting as it was, acquired a definite social meaning, first in Germany, then in all Western cultures.