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This permits the determination of the phenomenological parameters introduced by Var Hove to describe the magnetic scatter of neutrons in the critical opalescent area. The third and last section shows both the coherency between all the results, and the statistical method applied for nuclear data library adjustment.

We prospectively catalogued consecutive patients before prostate biopsy for suspicion of prostate cancer PCa. Although several corrections in algorithms for both the calculation codes were needed, it was shown by comparing calculated results with the experimental data that most of activation cross sections and decay data were adequate.

A titre d’exemple, nous donnons les formules de theories a un et deux groupes de neutrons, la generalisation pour plusieurs groupes est evidente.

The thermodynamic study of the behaviour of solutions is of great interest in applied metallurgical problems, since the use of physical phenomena solubility or volatility, for example makes it possible to effect chemical reactions which, would not take place if the products formed did not mix.

A software architecture which allows a simple validation of internal measuring instrument calculations is suggested.

Summary of the results, such as startup parameters, boron letdown curves, radial and axial power distributions of some cycles of Paks NPP is presented.

With the ECTHOR-tests the clearing of a water-filled model of a loop seal by means of an air-stream was investigated including momentum exchange at the phase interface under adiabatic and atmospheric conditions. I really hope the developer is not bailing. Validation of Rheological Models of Typical Structures: I use it in precision woodworking. This paper presents how Monte-Carlo calculations French TRIPOLI4 poly-kinetic code with an appropriate pre-processing and post-processing software called OVNI are used in the case of 3-dimensional heterogeneous benchmarks slab reactor cores to reduce model biases and enable a thorough and detailed analysis of the performances of deterministic methods and their associated data libraries with respect to key neutron parameters reactivity, local power.

Bureau D étude Mécanique Luxury 3 Examens Corriges Techniciens Chef Chantier Tp Ofppt T

Construction Calc Pro – ad supported. Additional tests were carried out for enhanced dynamic wedges with results comparable to previous results. Rhodium foils of about 5 mm diameter were obtained from IRMM. The principle of the method consists to create the desired law of field by means of current sheets in which one can adjust the density given in a polynomial form. Despite the fact that iron is widely used in the nuclear industry, large uncertainties are still associated with its nuclear data, particularly its inelastic cross section which is very important in the neutron slowing down.


A reliability calculation made according to the method described here reveals: The applied method under predicted the cavitation extent and did not fully resolve the tip vortex; however, the areas of cavitation collapse were captured successfully. A databank of laboratory and centrifuge tests has been created. Dans un recent rapport, Reich donne une solution pour le calcul des disques asymetriques.

To better appraise the performance of AAA and the capability of its configuration to tailor machine-specific characteristics, data obtained from the pencil beam convolution PBC algorithm implemented in Eclipse were also added in the comparison. However, it was pointed out that there were some problems in parts of data such as improper activation cross sections, e,g. International calculation tools which were shown to be valid in systems for which experimental data existed were demonstrated to be inadequate when extrapolated to fuel dissolver media.

Almost all safety parameters depend on the accuracy of neutron transport calculation results that, in turn depend on the accuracy of nuclear data libraries. Off-axis energy softening and fluence effects were also included.

Finally, this formula is used to calculate the anti-reactivity of rods perpendicular to the axis in a cylindrical pile. The disagreement among contributors’ calculations was analyzed through a neutron balance breakdown, based on three-group microscopic reaction rates. The conclusions were that the discrepancies were a result of a combination of faulty neutron flux spectra for the instruments, improper inputs supplied by SAC 1.

Recently, a series of air experiments were performed at Seoul National University SNU in order to understand bypass flow behavior and generate an experimental database for the validation of computer codes.

This report presents caocul results of an intercomparison of different mesoscale dispersion models and measured data of tracer experiments. The data presently obtained were the first experimental decay heat data in the field of fusion. This report gathers and presents in a simple way results of studies performed at the CEA on issues of spectra in thermal reactors.

Validation of new Pu cross section and covariance data via criticality calculation. Ces programmes ont servi au calcul de deux aimants particuliers dont les caracteristiques detaillees sont fournies a titre d’application. The concepts of the validation of models and the considerations that can lead to increased confidence in models are described.


Trial estimates of Q0 and k0 factors gratyit the In the first is given a method of calculating control rods in a rectangular pile, similar to the Nordheim-Scalettar method for cylindrical piles. During the past two years, a Working Group established by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s Nuclear Energy Agency OECD-NEA has been developing a set of criticality benchmark problems which could be used to help establish the validity of criticality safety computer programs and their associated nuclear data for calculation of ksub eff for spent light water reactor LWR fuel transport containers.

The HTC data applicability to burnup credit validation is demonstrated with an example of spent-fuel storage models. Otherwise, it’s just a simple everyday calculator that you can mtd in black or white. On obtient la chute de tension interne de la diode a partir de l’expression des pertes joules totales dans les conducteurs metalliques.

validation des calculs: Topics by

The disagreement among contributors’ calculations was analyzed through a neutron balance breakdown, based on three-group microscopic reaction rates solicited from the gratjit. They were co-irradiated with 5 mm diameter and 0. Dans cette these, nous avons code trois nouvelles methodes d’approximation de forces aerodynamiques: Professional miter calculator for all sizes of projects.

These tools form a strong basis on which to build a flow-induced vibration modeling capability. The present article presents new results of CFD examinations of these data to explore potential issues with the geometry, the initial conditions, the flow dynamics and the data needed to fully specify the inlet and boundary conditions; results for several turbulence models are examined. A calculational scheme taking into account the important physical phenomena strong neutronic slowing-down, presence of broad resonances of the structural materials and spatial variation of the spectrum in the reflector is defined.

An attempt has been made to define qualification criteria for models. The expectation is that a single dose calculation tool for a specific linac model can be used to accurately recalculate dose from patient plans that have been submitted to the clinical trial community from any institution. Full Text Available A sample size containing at least events and non-events has been suggested to validate a predictive model, regardless of the model being validated and that certain factors can influence calibration of the predictive model discrimination, parameterization and incidence.

We detail some applications in field theory and in condensed matter like the calculation of the effective temperature of Bose-Einstein condensates. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.