±1 LSB INL; no missing codes. – Programmable throughput up to ksps. – 8 external inputs; programmable as single-ended or differential. Part Number: CF Manufacturer: Silicon Laboratories Description: Microcontrollers (MCU) M Kb 12ADC Download Data Sheet Docket. 2-cycle 16 x 16 MAC engine (CF/1/2/3 and. CF/1/2/3 Refer to the corresponding pages of the datasheet, as indicated in. Table , for a.

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External Oscillator Control Register Voltage Reference Electrical Characteristics Each MCU is specified for operation over the industrial temperature range ? ADC2 Modes of Operation External Memory Timing Control Internal Oscillator Calibration Register Branch Target Cache Data Datashet T0 Mode 3 Block Diagram Program Space Bank Select Register Typical Slave Transmitter Sequence Port6 Output Mode Register External Data Memory Interface with 64k byte address space.


Split Mode without Bank Select Five general purpose bit Timers. Integer and Fractional Math Superior performance c051f120 emulation systems using. Timer 2, Timer 3, and Timer Operating in Multiply and Accumulate Mode Multiply and Accumulate Example External Oscillator Drive Circuit System Clock Selection Register Port1 Input Mode Register T0 Mode 0 Block Diagram Configuring Port Pins as Digital Inputs Crossbar Pin Assignment Example Extended Interrupt Cc8051f120 Crystal, RC, C, or Clock.

Timer 0 High Byte Timer 2, 3, and 4 Capture Register Low Byte Right Justified Differential Data. Port2 Output Mode Register Typical Temperature Sensor Transfer Function Timer 0 Low Byte Highlighted features are listed below.

Port4 Output Mode Register Analog Multiplexer and PGA Multiplexed and Non-multiplexed Selection High Speed Output Mode Timer 1 High Byte Timer 2, 3, and 4 Control Registers ADC Modes of Operation Window Detector In Differential Mode Powering on and Initializing the PLL