Welcome To My Busting Loose From The Money Game Readers Dear Fellow Phase 2 Game Player: Before you access the special bonus gifts I mentioned in. Book Review: Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. By mywaytotruth, Published am PDT. Written by Robert Scheinfeld, narrated by Bruce Lurie. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Simply an extraordinary work and achievement. Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image. Everything is just a belief. Lists with This Book.

The author spent more than half the book talking about his world view of how other people aren’t anything more than a figment of your imagination and that you can change the numbers in your back account by just thinking about it. We will come to experience who we truly are and learn to live and breathe freely. In one instance, the author described how what we think is our reality, is actually a hologram that our infinite being our extended sel Gamw you remember the scene in the matrix, where Morpheus is training Neo inside the matrix.

Thak-you for bringing scheibfeld book into my life. I have had many, many positive and amazing financial situations occur.

The voice of the author is one of genuine passion for the message and the message has enormous potential to be truly transformative. But he sells it with acumen and verve. The application is so simple, so effective Even though it doesn’t say so in the title, this book is truly about abundance. It’s an easy read with lots of repetition without being condescending.


In one instance, the author described how what we think is our reality, is actually a hologram that our infinite being our extended selves has created in order to play, what he termed “the human game”. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? Sorry, but I found this book very disappointing. If it seems like you work hard but never get anywhere, maybe the problem is something within you. What other book might you compare Busting Loose from the Money Game to, and why? The process can take no time at all, or for the rest of your life, but it will work.

Although it’s in the title, it is not a work about money although it touches on it a bitbut a spiritual work regarding reality and illusions.

True Financial Freedom – Busting Loose From the Money Game

Loved how there are just 4 simple steps to identify and blast through the limiting beliefs I have created in my illusion. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I find this exercise ve My word for this year is “money”. Me again,Ive re read this book a few times, and keep learning new things, Im still hanging in there,not seen any changes in my hologram as yet, but I know I will soon.

For me, it helped me question the nature of everything including reality. I will get back to you all in a few months with how its going but so far its making a real difference.

Busting Loose From The Money Game Readers Welcome | Robert Scheinfeld

Joe Dispenza Narrated by: I’ve always believed that life is like a game or a party anyway, we’re all in this huge playground called life on earth; a free ticket was given to us and I just need to play and enjoy every ride; but there are hard times and the party’s not always fun, especially when you’ve got no money or honey.


I find this exercise very useful.

It feels empowering to ask of every uncomfortable situation, why has my Expanded Self created this for me? I have to say I now have a clear glimpse into what it really is. This was a life-changing book for me. Books by Robert Scheinfeld. It will all seem perfectly reasonable, accurate and true.

Total BS – You gotta be kidding! I learned that when it comes to metaphysics, simply repeating positive affirmations is not enough.

Busting Loose from the Money Game

Robbert Ultimate Key to Happiness will offer unusual answers to you. But I was still missing some key pieces so I continued my search. Since no credit profile checks are executed, these companies are mney a big risk realizing that many customers will not likely be in a position to pay off the cash advances. Robet so grateful for this book. I don’t use a budget anymore and have openedup new streams of income that were always closed to me in thepast.

I do encourage others to read it, though. I have only just started on busting loose from the money game. Gratifying to see many ideas corroborated and put into practice years before I found them. What did you like best about this story? I have to say I now have a clear glimpse into what itreally is.

Also I have actually become appreciative of me…. I changed jobs, cities, countries, went back to school, read books. The main exercise is a practice called, “the process” which is helpful for any uncomfortable or loaded situation in your life.