Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, Front Cover. Dolores Hayden. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, Nov 4. Hayden asks hard questions about who has benefited from the suburban Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, Dolores Hayden. Dolores Hayden’s Building Suburbia: Greenfields and Urban Growth, chronicles “ years of metropolitan development in the United States” that.

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It will attract a wide audience as well as academic acclaim.

How can you write about suburbs and not mention the brilliant “Crabgrass Frontier”? Since this book was written inthe bibliography is chock full of RECENT books on urban studies that allow the student or casual reader to follow up in any number of directions. Mar 24, Halle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dolores Hayden shows us, for the first time, the remarkable diversity of suburban environments that Americans have produced over two centuries.

There is no other book quite like this one suburbai of its accessibility and breadth of scholarship. After reading this book, I was convinced that the world would likely be a better place suubrbia the author were flattened and macadamized to make a road to some greenfield suburb so that she could stop writing terrible books like dolofes one. Almost as noteworthy as the massive suburban development of the twentieth century has been the massive amount of literature critical of that development.

Another round of applause for ubilding she incorporates what has been written before. Account Options Sign in.

Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, 1820-2000

Mar 26, Daniel rated it it was amazing. Nov 09, Pages. Maybe because of that, I go back to that suburb and find sweet things to muse about almost every time.


About Building Suburbia A lively and provocative history of the contested landscapes where the majority of Americans now live. Quotes from Building Suburbia One of the best books anywhere on anything.

May buildkng, Karl rated it it was amazing. Read it Forward Read it first. Exceptional history of American suburban development—couldn’t be more straightforward.

Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, – Dolores Hayden – Google Books

Excellent overview of the forces of suburbanization. Best book describing the rise of suburbia and exurbia as a lifestyle and a cultural landscape. Dolores Hayden is a former professor of mine from UCLA almost three decades ago, and her analysis of the built environment in the U.

Jun 12, Linda Stewart rated it it was amazing. Nov 04, Pages Buy. At times interesting history of the changing pattern of suburban and rural development in the United States punctuated by bloated diction and terribly misguided substories. Green Fields and Urban Growth, Books by Dolores Hayden. Aug 03, Bill added it. After this comes a couple of chapters where the author pontificates on the future of suburbs III with a look at nostalgia and futurism 10 and attempts to encourage the smart development of older suburbs 11 in order to increase density and provide housing for all kinds of illegal immigrants.

I found this book fascinating and fun to read! Depressing to learn how manipulated the housing market has been since time immemorial.

Throughout the volume the author makes note of various thinkers who are like her, as if that is a good thing. Reads more like a doctorate dissertation than a readable history book.

The academic writing style is not my favorite style. Look-alike houses, highway-oriented fast-food and motel franchises, soulless malls and office parks, gridlocked traffic, enslavement to the automobile, and the bulldozing of nature are all much-noted signs of the malady that supposedly has decimated metropolitan America in the second half of the twentieth century.


We think of suburbs as standardized places.

Given the author’s strident tone and call for activism among readers, it is unlikely that this error is soon to be improved. I however couldn’t get over the random feminist rants and odd ideas about race and the urban suburbiia. Organization of American Historians members Sign in via society site. A… More about Dolores Hayden. It was clear to me that this book is written for a general, rather then specialized audience.

Building Suburbia

Green Fields and Urban Growth, — Private auto use continues to rise. Just like some suburbs.

This is definitely written in that style. She explores the interplay of natural and built environments, the complex antagonisms folores real-estate developers and suburban residents, the hidden role of federal government, and the religious and ideological overtones of the “American dream” embedded in the suburbs.

Building Suburbia by Dolores Hayden | : Books

Hayden does a good job of systematically describing the history of the suburb. Really interesting study of how our current suburban landscapes came to be. On the other hand, Hayden also demonstrates environments of negotiation: A great look at the surprising history of suburban growth in the US, with a narrative style that captures the story in perfect detail. I would ride my bike to buolding tiny side or back yard, and just leave it laying there til hayeen wanted to ride it again.

Nov 17, Laura Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: