Hello, I just want to know what exactly are “BONJEAN AND HYDROSTATIC CURVES” (definitions) and also what are they used for I mean. For more accuracy and larger trims the Bonjean curves can be used. If the end draughts, distance L apart, are observed then the draught at any particular. bonjean curve. Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion (TPC) For each waterplane the area defines, for a given density of water, the change in buoyancy in tonnes is.

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Beaufort wind scale Force 2. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Especially that Wilding had to recalculate his figures, and the issue of internal fittings impeding flooding. Test Your Knowledge – and learn some interesting things along durves way. He’s making a quiz, and checking it twice Especially when you consider that the vessel’s stations are somewhat arbitrary and don’t necessarily conveniently encompass whole compartments.

Bonjean Curve Method

As for the curvaceous M. In the present case this seems to have been 12 square feet. JonesMar 29, Welcome to Encyclopedia Titanica join us free today or subscribe for unlimited access to ET! What have you understood from NavalSArtichoke?. What should the master look for when they join, and what should be his priorities? I seem chrves recall that the eponymous Monsieur Bonjean was a French naval officer. CWTeebs Sep 25, BrownMar furves, The formula for flow through a submerged orifice is found on p.


Hydrostatic Curves

History and Etymology for Bonjean curves origin unknown. You couldn’t say to a stop watch, but in about 40 minutes certain compartments were filled up to a certain level.

I’m sure we have lost most of the ET contributors–or at least put them to sleep.

It is known as a Bonjean curve. There is no justification given for why Bedford and Hackett made those alterations aside from that it “seems not unreasonable for curvfs type of opening we suspect was caused by the collision.

What are bonjean and hydrostatic curves?? Noel — Wilding’s first iteration showed the floodable length had not been exceeded.

What are bonjean and hydrostatic curves??

Take the quiz Naughty or Nice Quiz He’s making a quiz, and checking it twice Ask the Editors Word of the Year: What is the difference between grounding and stranding?

Bonjean was a French Naval Architekt about In this case, it might be inferred that the Bonjean Curves were deficient. One thing is to make a mistake and quite another to say vague, meaningless, with appearance of technical reasoning.

What about Bonjean curves vs hydrostatics curves???? I have the total inflow and I can divide that by the number of minutes and get the total inflow per minute. These approximate reality, but are not reality–sort of like computer projections of tomorrow’s weather.

I cannot see however that such a retrospective calculation had any material bearing on the casualty or the prevention of future such casualties. A very useful set of curves can be produced based on the hull form. Test your knowledge – and maybe learn something along the way.


Better recourse would be had to her ‘floodable length’ a known quantity, being that flooded length which takes her down to her margin line and no further. What general precautions should be taken against stowaways boarding in port?

It then becomes possible to read off the immersed areas by drawing lines parallel with the baseline from the intercept of the waterline with the section to the Bonjean curve for that section.

The other form that is sometimes used is TPI, standing for tonnes per unit immersion. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The capacity of those compartments was known, and therefore the amount of water which got in in the 40 minutes was known. From the summation of such inundations at two representative waterlines presumably as per witness observation and the elapsed time between them, it is possible to compute a rate of inundation and thereby arrive at a notional summation of the areas of all the breaches in the hull, in this case, 12 square feet.