This is not presented as a wholly satisfactory solution to the problem of playing the Sequenza on a standard Boehm clarinet; but it was arrived at in collaboration . A list of works by the Italian composer Luciano Berio. Contents. 1 s; 2 s; 3 s . Sequenza IXa for clarinet (); drawn from Chemins V (); arranged as Sequenza IXb () and Sequenza IXc (); Sequenza IXb for alto. Luciano Berio’s Sequenza IXa is a work of increasingly great significance for the clarinet repertoire. In the past few years, numerou.

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The Sequenzas reveal unthinkably new timbres, codify new instrumental techniques, and push performers to terrifying heights as well as speeds of virtuosity.

Expert performers seequenza this having such capability over pieces where the effort has gone into the front end, deriving from some strategy that is not in itself worked out in an interesting way.

Meter in music, Two new multi-disc sets collect the complete Sequenzas and offer berrio superb, if not superior, alternative to the Deutsche Grammophon DG edition, which understandably lacks the final “Sequenza XIV” composed in Having them read at the top of a recording has however the tendency to lend programmatic weight to a work which may not even have been intended by the composer – it may be there is programmatic weight, just not necessarily expressed by that particular text or manner of delivery.

Here is the abstract from my paper: This set compiles all of Berio’s alternate Sequenzas for the first time, also with some first seqyenza. And since each piece rises and falls on individual performance, it is difficult to judge them as a group.

Bettering even Berberian, Ganz manages to blast ” a few words before, to be This approach has severe limitations once it does not allow the perform to find intricate metric equivalencies, and most musicians do not apply the common sense rule to figures smaller than a sixteenth note.


AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. We paired each Sequenza with a wine and discussed the role of color on a sommelier’s educated palate and how it can relate to tone color or timbre in musical spheres. Streams Videos All Posts. Sequenza VII for oboe was written with the help of its dedicatee Heinz Holliger, who presented Berio with a lot of alternative and extended techniques used in the “virtual polyphony” which was one of the composer’s stated objectives when working with monophonic instruments.

The Naxos set has the benefit of a single, pleasantly resonant recorded location, which can however have the effect of ‘smoothing out’ the extremes of Berio’s message. Berberian radiates a warm, vivid presence rooted not only in analog tape compression, but in a careening, meteoric intensity reminiscent of high-wire operatic arias and close-miked old blues recordings.

They include members of The Arditti Quartet and Ensemble Modern along with other distinguished soloists. For example, one note triplet: Isabelle Ganz Mode is a mezzo-soprano with quite a silvery sound at times – the break in her voice very occasionally making her sound like your mad grandmother. Indiana University Press, All of the interpretations are first rate, as is the annotation, photographs and sound, which retains a surprisingly consistent quality from track to track, as this 4-disc set was recorded all over the map over a long period of time.

Sequenza IXa for Clarinet Solo

Sequenza I for flute. They join a set that has been considered definitive, a recording by members of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, released by Deutsche Grammophon in Bibliography Barry, Barbara R.

Many of the pieces proceed from a note or two, starting with defiant, repeated statements of a tone like the Eighth, for violin or winding their beroi around a sustained sound from without like the 10th, for trumpet and piano resonance.

They are nice enough texts, and have an alliterative resonance and rhythm in the original Italian which is undeniably poetic. Share on facebook sqeuenza tumblr. The procedure to find these values was a simple proportional equation were the beat 4 is multiplied by the number of the divisions and then divided by the number of note figures.


Sundberg, Johan; Verrillo, Violet. Where the Naxos ‘note’ is a single sine-wave like sound, the Mode recording has a note with texture and the human element, three singers holding the srquenza and breathing ‘invisibly’. The music of Elliott Carter. Because the Sequenzas, while fully composed, sound like improvisations and have the quality of flexibility. Dempster, not surprisingly, brings out a prodigious level of articulate nuance in “his” trombone “Sequenza.

Even where the recording are less appealing the performances are always good, and most are superb.

Luciano Berio – Sequenza IXa by Francisca Tom├ís | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The piece’s lyrical character has a slightly less ‘legato’ character with Joseph Petric on Naxos, and while technically good, is a less revelatory experience for the imagination.

So, dear reader, you are still standing in the record shop, busting for a pee or dying for a pint and still wondering which version in which to invest. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Though the Sequenzas represent benchmarks in terms of technical difficulty and notation, they are by no means exercise in virtuosity for its own sake. Many of my friends and colleagues often ask me, in perplexed or bemused tones, “You really do enjoy playing contemporary music?

The project took shape after performances at the 92nd Street Y of all the “Sequenzas” then 13 for Berio’s 70th birthday in