Owner’s Manuals. Below, you may find manuals for your Beretta firearm in an electronic format. You may also order a hard copy if desired. Owner’s Manuals. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 series, old ‘owner’s manual, exploded views, 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual) KB, English AL ( KB). The illustrations and instructions in this article are based on the Beretta Urika , but they are also valid for the other versions of the

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There may be several ways to do it, but the way that works for me is to put the kanual close to its final position on the trigger plate, then get the swivel joints, spring, and spring guide in place before I insert the pin. The chrome part is the breech bolt part 63while the black part is the breech bolt slide part New ‘s come with a maual of “valve hook wrenches” part to loosen the valve counter nut part and remove the valve nut part Never look into the muzzle or change tubes on a loaded gun even with safety engaged.

Remove the cocking handle part 72 by pulling it straight out.

Note that the retaining pin is staked in place – that means the top of the bolt beside the retaining pin hole has been struck with a punch to deform the metal and lock the pin in place. To further famil- iarize yourself with the proper use of this or other firearms, take a Firearms Safety Course taught by an expert in firearms use and safety procedures. You can’t get the swivel joints backwards, because only one of them will go in bedetta carrier.

To remove the carrier, just drive out the carrier pin, and make sure the small parts two round swivel beretta, spring and spring guide don’t get lost when it all comes apart. My original twisted one wobbles like a table with one leg shorter than the other 3 legs.


Check that the firearm is unloaded cartridge chamber empty, re- ceiver empty, magazine tube empty. Disassemble the stock using the spanner and take off the spacers. This bwretta be hard to do on a new gun, but gets easier al39 it has been done a few times. Wed Mar 07, 3: To use the AL Urika in these areas, it will be necessary to limit the magazine ca- pacity to only one round. Mon Feb 26, 4: Driving the pin out and putting it back in will be easier if you press in on the guide to take spring pressure off the pin.

Press the guide in to compress the spring while gently tapping the roll pin in to keep everything in place. By assembling urikaa recoil pads of different thickness it is possible to modify the length of pull. Berettz went to Beretta site — and you cannot tell if the valve long side should be up or down!! There is a tiny plunger through the side of the tube to keep the cap from coming loose. Make sure the end of the connecting rod goes into the cup on the end of the recoil spring guide part Geretta the ring out, the metal washer and plastic bushing will come out if you turn the nut face down and bang it on the workbench.

You are definitely a AL specialist!! To remove the sear, just drive out the trigger bush, and be careful not to lose the sear plunger and spring as the sear comes out.

Beretta Web – Owner’s Manuals

The most important part of the nut to clean is the threads. Parts diagrams and owner’s manuals: Getting the stock off is self-evident, but it can be tricky to get it back on. If the shotgun is not unloaded, unload it as described in the chapter “Unloading the firearm”. Put the hammer bush in place from the left.

The pin is held in position by spring pressure as long as the button is out, but it will get loose if: This will be of great help during the reassembly operations. The magazine tube cap Part 45, including the shaft that the piston and forend nut fit on screws into the end of the magazine tube part With the spring out, you can turn the gun up uika let the follower part 41 fall out.


I have used a small vise, and a friend of mine uses a drill press, but I generally use a small pair of tongue and groove pliers commonly called Channellocks. This plug, which is factory mounted, reduces the capacity of the AL Urika to no more than three rounds two in the magazine, one in the chamber. The chance that gas, gunpowder or metal fragments will blow back and injure a shooter who is firing a gun is rare, but the injury that can be sustained in such cir- cumstances is severe, including the possible loss of eyesight.

The hammer should remain cocked while the trigger group is out of the gun. The piston part 48 normally remains on the magazine cap shaft part 45but if the gun is dirty it may stick inside the gas cylinder on the barrel. Should urikz occur, the breech bolt would be kept OPEN by the cut-off lever.

This is especially important when loading or unloading the firearm.

Beretta AL391 Urika – Manual (EN)

When you are shooting at a target, know what is be- hind it. Screw on the recoil pad. Tue Feb 27, 5: Never assume that a firearm is unloaded.

Handling all those little pieces might be awkward at first, but be patient and it will all go together eventually. Magnum cartridges and particularly Super Magnum 3″ beretts produce a high amount of combustion gases. It is your responsibility to insure that children under the age of 18 or other unautho- rized persons do not gain access to your firearm.

The holes on the front ends of the braces fit over studs on the sides of the hammer.