Because They Wanted To [Mary Gaitskill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill. Charles Scribners. With her crisp prose and withering eye for detail, Gaitskill invests these scenes with psychological vividness and desolate poignancy. The title story is a portrait of. Because They Wanted To. By MARY GAITSKILL. Simon & Schuster. CHAPTER ONE. Read the Review. Tiny Smiling Daddy. He lay in his reclining chair, barely.

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Because They Wanted To | Book by Mary Gaitskill | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

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The book, like all of Gaitskill’s writing is very twisted, littered with excessive adjectives, but contains incredibly beautiful language nonetheless. The copy I borrowed from the library has some great marginalia: I’ve thought of actually getting my book club to read it, but I think our heads might explode trying to comprehend and unravel this work. I can’t recall a single short story or character because they’re all cut from the same cloth.

This collection is like the gentle, lurching violence of a typical bus ride to a destination you don’t particularly want to arrive at, but can’t avoid. Her signature clarity and her ruthless vision is as tight and visionary as ever but, years afterwards, there is a certain loosening of the spirit, as if Gaitskill, while perhaps still viewing human nature as nothing short of deviant and pitiful, has with age and experience grown fond of her observation subjects or, at least, more forgiving.


I feel like some of the discomforting aspects were added more for shock value than for any literary purpose. The author writes well, but I quite disliked her characters. In these raw, startling, and incandescently lovely stories, the author of Veronica yields twelve indelible portraits of people struggling with the disparity between what they want and what they know.

Trivia About Because They Want Sam Potts Designed by. Published February 27th by Simon Schuster first published It made me laugh outloud more than anything in recent memory and yet it’s for the most part gxitskill very sad collection of stories about the pain and cruelty that people inflict in their attempts to love. The book would have gotten a higher rating if not for that.

I finished and had the urge to try to sell my book, but i Moments of brilliance, some wonderful, quirky writing, but overall I felt like the collection beat relationship writing and really bizarre protagonist interiority to death. Scene, dialogue, detail, description.

I felt sort of impressed and unsettled and driven to write after finishing this. It’s that her characters wanetd always analyzing themselves and speaking psycho-babble to each other, and it read as whiny to me. I found certain aspects of these people’s lives haunting I don’t normally love short stories because I love becoming attached to characters and really investing myself in a story, but I gotta say I loved this collection.

Because They Wanted to: Stories

A woman meets up with a younger man named Frederick. Price may vary by retailer. In these raw, startling, and incandescently lovely stories, the author of Veronica yields twelve indelible portraits of people struggling with the disparity between what they want and what they know.

I think part of the becaause of writing, is reading.

Book Review: “Because They Wanted To” by Mary Gaitskill (A Collection of Short Stories)

With a busy schedule, finding an hour in the morning is the only way to make this happen. I mostly disliked these stories because they express a particularly ugly and pretentious view of the world and women’s relationships in it. I really appreciate that; I like when writers manage to reflect their content with their style. Perhaps reading several stories at a time heightened my awareness of how nary men and women clutch at cruelty, indifference, and aggression as if it were love.


Find me on social media. So, thank you Emily, for recommending this book which would resonate with my life in so many ways.

All her movements were like the tail end of a great, bursting effort, like a grab for a lifeline in a midair leap. There is a contradiction between what they say they want and what they seek out or accept. Kiss and Tell Wnted becomes obsessed with one of the waitresses at his work, an aspiring actress named Nicki. To Mary’s credit, she is a gaitsskill writer.

To me the story series, which concludes it is maybe the least successful. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill

The stories of “Because They Wanted To” were incredibly well-written, thought-provoking and – I found – painful, taken in full. He imagined hitting her.

You wonder if there is wantee being said. Mary Gaitskill is fun at the beginning, but her shtick gets old pretty quickly.

Conversely, the story “Kiss and Tell” which feels more schematic than the others is interesting primarily as Gaitskill thinking about the ethics of using her own life in her writing.