Sometimes it feels as though entire hominid species have evolved in less time than it takes to read “The Land of Painted Caves,” the sixth and. Map of the travels of Ayla of the Mamutoi and Zelandonii in the book ‘The Land of Painted Caves’ by Jean Auel. This is the right way up to look. Thirty thousand years in the making and 31 years in the writing, Auel’s overlong and underplotted sixth and final volume in the Earth’s Children.

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Upon her arrival, she finds Jondalar sharing Pleasures with Marona Marona being Jondalar’s bitter ex-girlfriend whom he abandoned to go travelling in the second book, and who actively and spitefully caused Ayla much difficultly when she first arrived at Jondalar’s home.

I don’t actually know why I finished — it’s really that awful. Maybe someday we will see a re-release with edited versions: So sad that such a wonderful saga had such an underwhelming finish.

The Land of Painted Caves

Not every time, He had put of a lot of his essence inside her. Page after page after page of repetitious descriptions and rehash of facts loyal fans already know. Although, lately, I get tired easily. There is no cohesion in the book; it is separated into three cves that have very little to bind them into one work.


Ayla remains the Mary Sue she has been since the beginning. Ayla goes to many caves. Why the frak did she choose Laramar of all people?

The protagonist, Ayla, was a flawed and vulnerable girl possessed of genuinely admirable determination, existing in a very dangerous, brutal and unfair world which caused aufl to suffer real hardships and even be threatened with death on more than one occasion. Ayla and Jondalar’s first priority is the care for their golden-haired child, Jonayla, and the well-being of their amazing animals, Wolf, Whinney, Racer, and Gray. I’m just being truthful.

The Land of Painted Caves – Wikipedia

In Australia billboards promoted the release. But wait, do they have interesting conclusions to why the artists drew on the walls? Lists with This Book. This leaves a rift between Ayla and Jondalar. But I think I might take a stab at this one. I couldn’t finish it. This is basically what happens: The Land of Painted Caves is a poorly written, repetitive, tedious, unenjoyable The Clan of the Cave Bear was a masterful character driven drama, if slightly plodding, an intensive study of both the nature of characters and relationships.

While I appreciate having Ayla actually cavees like a normal human being for once, where the hell did this come from? Ayla is no Daenerys.

Apparently the tags do not work with Iphones. The pacing is all over the place. First off, I will say that I do admire Ms. The first two parts are so boring, I thought I would poke my eye out with a blunt instrument, just to have something exciting to do.


More time is spent on detailing every cave Ayla visits, but important events are sloppily skimmed over. Nov 22, Pages Buy. What little plot appeared was swiped from Auel’s other books. You can rhyme stuff. They go in caves.

The Land of Painted Caves | Earth’s Children | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Especially given that it turns out this dalliance had been going on for some time. After delivering the baby, Ayla travels to the Summer Paimted. I found typos and strange grammatical errors throughout but they got more frequent and worse towards the end of the book, really giving the impression that the actual plot really was just hastily tacked onto the end.

And 2 She has always said in the few interviews I can find that she wrote th All right, that’s finally done. No one has ever needed an editor as badly as Auel, and whoever her editor was failed miserably to reign her in and create a quality product that I actually care to read.

Annoyingly enough, we never learn Ayla’s real name, what happened to Durc! Nov 22, Pages. The Clan of the Cave Bear.