ERROR MESSAGE I keep getting the blue screen for video: , BFO, Date Stamp 33fb6e2af. How do I find & fix the problem?. I’ve had my T42 for about 2 years, so far it has worked perfectly. I have a K3U with Win 7 and 2 GB of RAM. When trying to run anything. Downloaded NERO 9 yesterday and when I start to open Nero Vision, right after the programs o-pen I get the Blue Scree and all stops. No other program or.

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I thought that passing on win7 I would risolve my problems.


On contrary, on win7 I couldn’t play for more then 10 min and a game would crash. But this didn’t solve my problem, always the same BSOD. The error may occur during startup, or after the system has started. SYS is the acoustic echo canceling driver. Install this audio component update to prevent memory ati3duag.ldl issues which may cause an unstable state on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2.

After ati3duagd.ll install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Instead, the audio playback resumes from a random position on the audio track.

Note If one or more of the following audio drivers are being used when you install this update, you must restart the computer. This enables the functionality of the following files: But I found out that sdreen are a lot of people with the same problem, bpue seeking for a solution.


There is another one: I don’t want to ati3dua.dll my PC once screeb, because in the past month I have formatted it like 5 times. Nearly a month has passed, and no response at all: Your system has halted. Hope that someone will respond this time Here are my specs: Enermax Liberty w Voltage Values: I have the most recent Video drivers installed If You’re interested, I could upload them 4 Mb of dump files.

Of course, w could not be enough for a crossfire Xti3duag.dll, but for a moment I don’t intend bllue another Video card before I resolve this problem. You are suggesting me to change PSU? Why is it only happening in games? I’m a little bit confused I red the article. I’ll see if I could borrow my friends PSU which should be Corsair w and see if the problem still exists.

In the future, if I decide to by another Video card or a newer 57xx series, which should be equivalent to the older 48xx series for a crossfire, is it enogh a w Corsair PSU? Using two GPU’s will yield a small performance boost compared to the substantial costs.

One better GPU is a better option. Posting your PC specs will help us to assist you quicker and effectively. OK, let’s say that PSU is one of the possible problems. But have you learned something from the files I attached?

Maybe, there could be other problems, like obsolete drivers probably when I have done the procedure, graphic drivers were obsolete, but I installed now the newest one or something else. I’d love to now all possible problems before I decide how to act, and most important, if I’m gone be able to fix this problem alone, or I would need technicians help.


I didn’t encounter any problems with my video card, before I installed SP3. I know for sure that my video card driver works and I don’t see any problems with it. I also tried downloading a “ati3duag. I even went to this site to download a video card driver.

I then grabbed my copy of “. So, the problem was fixed after I installed “. I don’t know about games since my system is old and can’t even run new games now in the mainstream. I’m running an old system: For a moment, my comp works fine if I’m not scren games.

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BB code is on. WIndows 7 constant refresh. Computer hangs while playing games. Virus Problem, Please Help.

Office 32 or 64 bit? Ati3duag.dll to a Million The rest of Ban The User Above You All times are GMT The time now is Copyright -Tech Support Forum. BSOD problem – ati3duag. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. There was no changes, I’ve had BSoD again A day at the movies