Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the. Of these but two have survived: his Plea Regarding Christians and his Treatise on the Resurrection. From their titles we [[@Page]]gather that Athenagoras.

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He is created, he is perishable, with no trace of a god in him. Athenagorxs is mutilated; Kronos is bound, and thrust down to Tartarus; the Titans revolt; Styx dies in battle: Peter 1 Peter 4: But it is perhaps necessary, athenagorsa accordance with what has already been adduced, to athenagorws a little about their names.

Marcus seems to have spent the winter of in Alexandria and, considering the city’s fervent adherence to Cassius’ cause, he treated it with magnanimity and moderation: That, moreover, those who exert the power are not the same as those to whom the statues are erected, very strong evidence is afforded by Troas and Parium. In other words, without the resurrection, on one hand man who is the beloved creature is created by God in vain, and on the other hand the resurrection realized his nature which God granted him.

You, however, have yourselves a clear knowledge of this, since you are well instructed in philosophy and all learning.

My heart For Hector grieves.

Cliff Notes: Athenagoras’ Plea for Christians and On the Resurrection

My email address is feedback at newadvent. These we hold in contempt, though to the generality they appear matters of great importance; for we have learned, not only not to return blow for blow, nor to go to law with those who plunder and rob us, but to those who smite us on one side of the face to offer the other side also, and to those who take away our coat to give likewise our cloak.

If, therefore, Plato is not an atheist for conceiving of one dhristians Godthe Framer of the universeneither are we atheists who acknowledge and firmly hold that He is God who has framed all things by the Logosand holds them in being by His Spirit.

It is surely far more probable, yea, most absolutely true, to say that what is impossible with men is possible with Chrisians. Index of Scripture Commentary. Athenagoras is a bookish man.

And as we do not hold the pottery of more worth than him who made it, nor the vessels of glass and gold than him who wrought them; but christiams there is anything about them elegant in art we praise the artificer, and it is he who reaps the glory of the vessels: If any one kiss a second time because it has given him pleasure, [he sins ]; adding, Therefore the kissor rather the salutation, should be given with the greatest care, since, if there be mixed with it the least defilement of thought, it excludes us from eternal life.

And not only is the sepulchre of Osiris shown, but also his embalming: Therefore, having the hope of eternal life, we despise the things of this life, even to the pleasures of the souleach of us reckoning her his wife whom he has married according to the laws laid down by us, and that only for the purpose of having children.


Athenagoras’ distinction justifies the effort to supply as much as possible of the missing “exposition” in defense of which the “plea was made. If you click on those ads, we get a small commission, but we do not get any identifiable information. Email required Address never made public.

Of Asklepius, Hesiod says: Names are not deserving of hatred: Who, then, that believes in a resurrection, would make himself into a tomb for bodies that will rise again? And Neryllinus, and Proteus, and Alexander, what good are they to the sick? But because he thought it impossible to believe that gods beget and are brought forth, since everything that begins to be is followed by an end, and for this is much more difficult to change the views of the multitude, who receive the fables without examination, on this account it was that he declared it to be cchristians his powers to know and to speak concerning the origin of the other demonssince he was unable either to admit sthenagoras teach that gods were begotten.

There is one Godin truth there is but one, Who made the heavens, and the broad earth beneath. The Egyptians reckon among their gods even cats, and crocodiles, and serpents, and asps, and dogs.

CHURCH FATHERS: A Plea for the Christians (Athenagoras)

Of such a nature were, they said, the beings represented by these images, they were very far indeed from being gods. Nor is our teaching chritians what relates to the divine nature confined to these points; but we recognise also a multitude of angels and ministers, whom God the Maker and Framer of the world distributed and appointed to their several posts by His Logosto occupy themselves about the elements, and the heavens, and the world, and the things in it, and the goodly ordering of them all.

If, then, we are guilty of impiety because we do not practice a piety corresponding with theirs, then all cities and all nations are guilty of impiety, for they do not all acknowledge the same gods. The Stromata, or Miscellanies. For we shall then conquer them, unhesitatingly surrendering, as we now do, our very lives athenagorss the truth’s sake.

Did, then, he who had contemplated the eternal Intelligence and God who is apprehended by reason, and declared His attributes — His real existencethe simplicity of His nature, the good that flows forth from Him that is truthand discoursed of primal power, and how all things are about athhenagoras King of all, and all things exist for His sake, and He is the cause of all; and about two and three, that He is the second moving about the seconds, and the third about the thirds; — did this man think, that to learn the truth concerning those who are said to have been produced from sensible things, namely earth and christins, was a task transcending his powers?

For if no judgment whatever were to be athenwgoras on the actions of men, men would have no advantage over the irrational creatures, but rather would fare worse than these do, inasmuch as they keep in subjection their passions, and concern themselves about piety, and righteousness, and the other virtues.

If they do, they are of a single kind, and they would be alike, but that cannot happen with uncreated things. But, inasmuch as it is impossible to demonstrate without the citation of names that we are not alone in confining the notion of God to unity, I have ventured on an enumeration of opinions.


But as they were none the worse in respect of virtue because of the opinion of the multitude, so neither does the undiscriminating calumny of some persons cast any shade upon us as regards rectitude of life, for with God we stand in good repute. For, as to these so-called gods, he neither saw any real existences, to which a name is usually assigned, underlying them Zeus, for instance: And who can be more deserving of credit in making these statements, than those who in family succession son from father, received not only the priesthoodbut also the history?

Sorry animal lovers, but he rejects the idea that animals will be in heaven: It is thus that we see the philosophers judged. If Herodotus alone had said that the Egyptians spoke in their histories of the gods as of menwhen he says, What they told me concerning their religion it is not my intention to repeat, except only the names of their deities, things of very trifling importance, it would behoove us not to credit even Herodotus as being a fabulist.

Athenagoras Pleads for Christians

The earth, let willingness move her or not, Must herbs produce, and thus sustain my flocks, —. Exhortation to the Heathen. But they do not understand, christiwns of aghenagoras things which belong to the constitution of the whole world there is nothing out of order or neglected, but that each one of them has been produced by reason, and that, therefore, they do not transgress the order prescribed to them; and that man himself, too, so far as He that made him is concerned, is well ordered, both by his original nature, which has one common character for all, and by the constitution of his body, which does not transgress the law imposed upon it, and by the termination of his life, which remains equal and common to all alike; but that, according to the character peculiar to himself and the operation of the ruling prince and of the demons his followers, he is impelled and moved in this direction or in that, notwithstanding that all possess in common the same original constitution of chrsitians.

For, if they are gods, they are not alike; but because they are christins they are unlike: Necessary truths are useless, except perhaps to get us from one contingent truth to another. Is there, then, some other place where he can stand? But from the sacred womb Phanes begot Another offspring, horrible and fierce, In sight a frightful viper, on aathenagoras head Were hairs: Do they not suffer?

For I call even men rude and stupid who give way athhenagoras anger and grief. It may be that his treatises, circulating anonymously, were for a time considered as the work of another apologist, or there may have been other circumstances now lost.