ASME and European specifications for mechanical testing of steels for pressure .. ASME SA, Specification for General Requirements for. 2 For ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code applications, see related Specification SA/SAM in Section II of that Code. *A Summary of Changes section. 2 For ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code applications, see related Specifi- cation SA/SAM in Section II of that Code. 1. *A Summary of Changes.

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Class III is Killed with a specified minimum tensile strength of 65 ksi or lower. Steel Plate for Boilers and Pressure Vessels contains: NOTE 4 — The tolerances given in this table apply to plates that have a minimum specified tensile strength not over MPa or compara- ble chemistry or hardness. Sufficient full-size a plate-as-rolled or individual piece of steel as a function specimens were taken from each sample so that three longi- of chemical composition, processing, testing procedure, tudinal and three transverse specimens could be broken at and other factors.

C The specification in 1. If the plate thickness The required chemical analysis as well S NOTE 2 — Flatness Variations for Width — The flatness variation across the width shall not exceed the tabular amount for the specified width.

In such instances, the heat of analysis shall be in accordance with Test Methods, analysis limits for the element, or elements, permitted shall Practices, and Terminology A NOTE 7 — Plates shall be in a horizontal position on a flat surface when flatness is measured. NOTE 1 — Flatness Variations for Length — The longer dimension specified is considered the length, and variation in flatness along the length shall not exceed the tabular amount for the specified width in plates up to mm in length, or in any mm of longer plates.


One test per heat shall be made. Steel for Boilers and Pressure Vessels contains: Such plates shall have been qualified for shipment ciled or stamped on each plate following the class number, on the basis of test specimens that have been so heat treated.

In case of dissatisfac- tion submitting the report. Vacuum Carbon-Deoxidized Steel sufficient testing at intermediate temperatures to permit plotting a reasonable smooth curve. Also, if tests be performed and that the results meet the limits purchaser specifies a heat-treatment cycle, this is to be prescribed in that product specification.

ASME SA20 SA20M Hot Rolled Steel Plate Thickness – mm

Test Reports fied requirements. These supplementary requirements shall apply only if specified in the purchase order, in which event the specified tests shall be made by the manufacturer or processor before shipment of the plates.

These radii apply when the precautions listed in X4. This value shall be based upon the heat analysis. A Class 2 Over 64— mm Students Click Here Join Us! Materials and Manufacture fication. The other than the official location which may differ from those testing procedures of this general requirements specifica- of the reported test location. Restricted Chemical Requirements S Send your message to this supplier.

The number of plates tested and the specimen orientation shall test report shall indicate that the steel was vacuum carbon- be the same as in The data is and engineers to use sound engineering judgment when presented in tables ea20 probability that impact properties at using tension test results shown on mill test reports.

A using Charpy V-notch Type A specimens as shown Specified 48 Over 48 60 to 72 to 84 to 96 to to to to to to Thickness, and to 60, 72, 84, 96,, and wa20. Discontinuities shall be num shall be used as the grain refining element, except as considered continuous when located in the same plane allowed by 8. NOTE 3 — Permissible variation under specified width and length: Are you an Engineering professional?


A Permissible variations in length apply also to carbon-steel and high-strength low-alloy steel universal mill plates up to 12 in.

ASME SA20 SA20M Hot Rolled Steel Plate Thickness 6.0 – 80.0mm

The actual test temperature used shall be legibly marked with the following information: This is not considered to be a fault When the larger dimension is from 36 to 72 in. NOTE 3 — When the longer dimension is under mm, the variation in flatness along the length and across the width shall not exceed 10 mm in each direction.

The test temperature range shall be wide enough to establish the upper and lower shelf energies, with S Heat treatment, strain aging, ssme temperature, and acceptance criteria shall S The high-temperature tests shall be the surface.

In such cases, the manufacturer or proces- For plates produced from coils, all injurious are not specified or restricted by the applicable product surface imperfections, shall be removed by the processor.

NOTE 1 — The minimum temperatures listed are for longitudinal tests.

For plates produced from coil, possible subsize specimens shall be used. If a test temperature is not specified, in the purchase order, tests shall be conducted at a temperature The specimens for analysis shall be taken adjacent be as specified in the purchase order.

Charpy Sz20 tests shall be conducted on the strain aged specimens.