You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is. [read-only] Indicates whether any content in the HTMLLoader object is has been delivered to the HTML DOM in the HTMLLoader object. If at the end you are going to use JS + AS3 then its not that difficult. You have I posted in the other FB thread my HTMLLoader-base solution.

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Navigation by zero forces a reload. An indexed array that contains each filter object currently associated with the display object. Specifies whether authentication requests should be handled true or not false for HTTP requests issued by this htmlloaader.

So in your AS3 code, replace the ExternalInterface line with: Boolean If set to true, Flash runtimes cache an internal bitmap representation of the display object.

Evaluates the display object to see if it overlaps or intersects with the obj display object. A sufficient version 8.

Show Inherited Public Properties.

actionscript 3 – As3 Air for Desktop using ExternalInterface on HtmlLoader – Stack Overflow

Dispatched by an InteractiveObject when a drag gesture leaves its boundary. The error you are getting is likely because you haven’t followed the wiki section for Android.


When this property is set to falsecontent loaded via the loadString method is placed in a non-application sandbox with the following characteristics: A locationChanging event is not az3 when you call the following methods: Content loaded via the loadString method is put in the application security sandbox. With the whole mess being within the Android app — not using an external browser. If falsecookies are not added to the request and response cookies are not remembered. Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter.

Acrobat or Adobe Reader has been detected, but the version is too old.

HTMLLoader – AS3

Dispatched when a mouse wheel is spun over an InteractiveObject instance. This event is dispatched to any client app that supports inline input with an IME. Boolean Evaluates the display object to see if it overlaps or intersects with the obj display object. On Windows, if Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 7. A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand hand cursor appears when the mouse rolls htnlloader a sprite in which the buttonMode property is set to true.


Event handlers for this event should check the scrollH and scrollV properties to update any scroll bars associated with the HTMLLoader object. Ends the startTouchDrag method, for use with touch-enabled devices.

Again, htmlLoader would be perfect, but it is not supported on Android. Sign up using Facebook. Boolean Dispatches an event into the event flow. Indicates the x-axis rotation of the DisplayObject instance, in degrees, from its original orientation relative to the 3D parent container.

Call to a possibly undefined method addToStage through a reference with static type com. Indicates the y coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative htmlloadr the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer.

About the HTMLLoader class

Ensure you also read the wiki. The current accessibility options for this display object. Boolean Checks whether the EventDispatcher object has any listeners registered for a specific type of event.

Indicates the z coordinate position along the z-axis of the DisplayObject instance relative to the 3D parent container. Android AIR htmlLoader alternatives?