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provide extensive information about AR ( ). AR Personal Security [United States Department of the Army] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army Publishing. QR code for Ar Title, Ar Personal Security. Publisher, BiblioGov, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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All SRT members will be familiarized monthly and qualified quarterly with their assigned weapons.

Ar Personal Security – Google Books

Carrying of concealed weapons will be governed by AR — Use of Contingency Limitation. Personal Security This regulation Recognize that as long as the abductor zr talking, the opportunity remains for a successful resolution of the. Army or other service installations; or Federal, State, local, or host country authorities in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and Status of Forces Agreements.

The request will include the following information:.

Project and protocol officers, security. Level 2 high risk personnel do not warrant assignment of full-time protective services but require such additional office, residential, and travel security measures as deemed appropriate based on local conditions.

Interview people who have knowledge of the situation to establish the—. Before personnel may perform on-the-job-training OJT protective service duties, they must have a valid DA Form Personnel Action which states they will attend the course. Obtain anything within reason the abductor requests, except for ra and weapons, drugs, and alcoholic.


Summon medical, engineer, and explosive ordnance disposal EOD support personnel that have appropriate equipment and vehicles. This will include maintenance of a control log and monthly physical inventories 1900-58 credentials. Negotiation means the willingness to establish dialogue for arriving at a settlement; it does not imply yielding to demands. Personnel performing full-time protective service duties must maintain proficiency of their technical skills.


This qr the planning and execution of close-in protection for the principal, and the coordinating every phase of the mission to include the arr and outer cordons of security with the major Army command MACOM responsible for the geographical area. Attempt to establish multiple observation points from which to view the location, behavior, and movements of the.

Contingency planning will include coordination with applicable Federal, State, local, and host country officials 190-558 movement, security, negotiator, and jurisdictional responsibilities on the installation and in the event of a mobile hostage situation moving off the installation. Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not wear uniform accoutrements that project law enforcement authority.

Altered, marred, or defaced credentials will be recovered anddestroyed. This will include liaison with neighboring jurisdictions.

Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U. Ensure that the lighting at the scene of action is adequate.


Summon required assistance and establish a location for the command post. Conduct of protective services, organization of the protective service force, the number of personnel employed, and the duration of the mission will be determined based on the status of the principal, threat, vulnerabilities, location, and other conditions that may present ag danger to the principal being secured.

Ask to see the hostages so an assessment of their well-being and movement potential can be determined.

Every phase of a protective service mission must be carefully coordinated with appropriate military, Federal, State, local, and host country agencies. Principal The individual for whom protection is provided.

It is an adjunct to AR — This will include running, firing rapidly, and firing from varied and difficult firing positions. Obtain anything within reason the abductor requests, except for ammunition and weapons, drugs, and alcoholic beverages.

Some training and exercises should be conducted in conjunction with SRT exercises since both the hostage management teams and SRTs are principal members of the threat management force. This regulation applies to the Active Army and the U.

The Army Weight Control Program.