AR , Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. b. . Sign- Out: The Key/Lock Custodian will maintain a key control register for both sets of. PHYSICAL SECURITY OF ARMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES. AFVA-3BD 07 June MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED. SUBJECT: Key Control SOP. 1. References: a: AR b: AR

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Is it dated within the last three years as required by ARpara e 3?

contrl ARpara 35f 3 During Duty hours the access gate will open for foot traffic. Is any item blocking the IDS sensors in any manner that could preventive the sensors from functioning properly? Once the commander has signed this form, copy 3 of this form will be given to the soldier unstampedthen the unit armorer will take the remaining 2 parts of this form to the Provost Marshal office within 48 hours to be stamped and registered with them.

All others hatches will be secured from inside. Additional physical safeguard are: Are the results of monthly serial number inventories recorded on an informal memorandum, as required by ARpara 62b 2 b1? This memorandum will remain on file in the Arms Room for 2 years no discrepancies or 4 with discrepancies I have verified the information in the memo.


These changes take effect immediately. If the operator has a learner permit then the TC must have a valid license for that equipment. This container will be located in an area provided 24 hour surveillance and locked when not in use. The motor pool will be bound by a perimeter fence meeting the standards set forth below.


Armorer will under no circumstance leave the arms room without locking all weapons in their racks, locking the door and activating the alarm. Are accessible and easily removable components removed and stored separately as required by ARpara e 3? Inventories will be retained until contorl next serial number inventory. TAB S Inventories of keys and locks are conducted semiannually for vehicle keys and padlocks.

B Are racks and 109-11 weighing less than pounds secured to the structure or fastened together in groups totaling more than poundsas required by ARpara c 2?

Yes or NO d.


When other than individually assigned weapons are issued, are hand receipt procedures and control log procedures used, contrlo required by DA Pampara d 3? A DA Form R will be used to sign out the keys.

All tools that could be used for forcing entry into the arms room or arms rack must be secured outside the arms room i. Are all keysas needed, signed out on a key control register as required by ARAppendix D?

Key depositories will be made of cohtrol lease 20 gauge steel and permanently to a wall. Issues or controls keys undergone and satisfactorily completed a command oriented security screening, as required by ARpara b? Procedures for Gate Guard: Any false activation of the alarm will be recorded on DA Form R. All personnel living in the barracks will store their POWs in the company arms room. 1990-11 the ammunition secured in banded crates, or in approved metal containers or cabinets that have been approved for use, or is zr in commercial, or approved locally fabricated containers, as required by ARpara 58c 1 a?


Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

Privately owned weapons and ammunition will be stored under the same structural standards as military weapons and ammunition. TAB Q Arms racks or containers weighing under pounds are fastened together, secured to the wall or floor, or chained together. After Duty Hours At Security: The company will maintain two sets of arms room keys: Group and Battalion Security Manager: An authorized mission on 6 FEB 98 requires equipment to be dispatched.

TAB R Keys to IDS, arms, ammunition and explosive storage areas, arms rooms, racks, containers, and supply room are maintained separately from other keys.