Buy Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) of This short treatise on ‘ Aqida (Islamic theology) written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a. Aug 19, I recently had the opportunity to read Mas’ud ibn ‘Umar’s commentary (may Allah be pleased with him) on ‘Aqida Tahawiyya. After having heard. Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi. This is to be a comprehensive commentary of the famous Creed of Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi based on the commentaries of.

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Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

A person’s action does not make it necessary on Allah to grant Him Paradise as Allah is not obligated by anything. At the same time we do not attribute to Allah that which is not befitting for His majestic Being such as feelings of affection, that accompany intimacy in relation to human beings, or speech consisting of letters and sounds.

It is narrated in a hadTth: The exact nature of the decree is Allah’s secret in His creation, and no angel near the Throne, nor Prophet xqida with tahzwiyya message, has been given knowledge of it.

So call me the slave of Allah and His Messenger. The Qur’an relates to us the miraculous occurrences that took place at the hands of Maryam, may Allah grant her peace: Since the present book is intended exactly as one such aid towards understanding the details of Islamic belief with clarity, it is hoped that it will be of benefit to the reader. These are known as Sifat al- Af’al the attributes of actions and is termed Takwin Origination. The Ahl al-Sunna do not agree with either of these extremes and maintain that evil actions do have an effect on the person who commits them both in this world and the hereafter.

But no one can feel twhawiyya from the plan of Allah, except those doomed to ruin. The actual speech of Allah, being His attribute, is also eternal and timeless like all His other attributes. tahaqiyya

Say, He will give them life Who created them for the first time. He now stands out not only as a prominent follower of that Hanafi school but, in view of his vast erudition and remarkable powers of tahawjyya, as one of its leading scholars. Search the history of asida billion web pages on the Internet. AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya Good and evil are both decreed for man They replied that no sane human would accept such a nonsensical contention.


Eventually they will come to the Prophet S, and he will say: Injustice is also defined as doing something inappropriately. Nothing can be independent of Allah even for the blinking of an eye, and whoever considers himself independent of Allah for the blinking of an eye is guilty of unbelief and becomes one of the people of perdition.

The saint is only able to display such a miracle on account of his strict adherence to the teachings of the Prophet. AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya 54 Belief in the vision of Allah by the people of the ‘Abode of Peace’ is not correct if a person imagines what it is like, or interprets it according to his own understanding since the interpretation of the vision or of any of the attributes related to Lordship, is by abandoning interpretation and adhering to submission.

Anyone who describes Allah as being in any way the same as a human being has become an unbeliever. C AIT 4 b, although delayed at first due to his being involved in arranging the burial of the Prophet S, also publicly pledged his allegiance to Abu Bakr 4s.

Oneness in His Attributes means that the likeness of His attributes cannot be found in any other being nor is any one of His attributes multiple. Allah knows best with whom to place His message.

His will overpowers all other wills and His decree overpowers all stratagems. When asked about Iman faith the Prophet S said: Like all other possible occurrences, it is our duty to believe in them if they are transmitted to us by a reliable source such as the Our’an and HadTth. Prophethood is a rank bestowed by Allah to whom He wills and cannot be attained by personal effort. AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya 7 The focus is explaining the correct belief rather than involving the reader in the intricacies of debate around theological issues.

How to Choose friends. This event, known as “The Big Bang” proved that the universe was created from nothingness as the result of the explosion of a single point.

Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary)

Surely You are the All-knowing, the All-wise. It is not created as is the speech of human beings, and anyone who hears it and claims that it is human speech has become an unbeliever.


He is the one who has been sent to all the jinn and all mankind with truth and guidance and with light and illumination.

However it will be a time when no soul will profit from the faith it brings. About this Book This short treatise on c Aqida f I siam i c theoiogy written by Imam TahawT though small in size, is a basictext for all times, listing what a Muslim must know and believe.

When you ask, ask Allah. Anyone who speaks well of the companions of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his wives and offspring, who are all pure and untainted by any impurity, is free from hypocrisy. He will not give them anything more dear to them than His vision and there would be nothing more cool to their eyes.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

Modern research, however, has revealed that the universe, together with the dimensions of matter and time, in fact had a beginning, and came into existence as a result of a great explosion. Thereupon the Prophet S said: Likewise, if all of creation were to gather together to make something exist which Allah had not written on it, they would not be able tahawigya do so.

AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya love for any one of them nor do we disown any one of them We renounce tahawiyyx connection with them and in our opinion they are in error and on the path of destruction. In may be expressed as Allah’s timeless actualisation of things that manifest temporally.

The only will that people have is what He wills for them. Our word unto a thing when we intend it is only that We say unto it: The Pen has dried having written down all that will tagawiyya in existence until the Day of Judgement.

Keep vigil d u ring a part o f the night i. He is exalted in His purity ttahawiyya any evil or perdition and He is perfect far beyond any fault or flaw. The knowledge of what is meant by these terms is consigned to Allah.