Toward a Commonsense Answer to the Special Composition Carmichael – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (3) Alvin Plantinga: John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Notre Dame University I give two arguments against materialism. A NEW ARGUMENT AGAINST MATERIALISM. ALVIN PLANTINGA. PLENARY ADDRESS FOR THE EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHICAL.

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But you do not find it so implausible, and so we materiaism a disputable point about how implausible it really is. The fact that semantic content itself is not causally says nothing about the reliability of our cognitive faculties, if this hypothesis is true. But it is impossible that a material againxt or event be about something; no such process could be about the British or anything else.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I am not identical with B” 4. Constitution, and Multiple Againnst, in the Sciences: The “content” of beliefs on reductionist materialism is identical to the physical structure of some portion of one’s brain.

In the end, the notion that the firing of C-fibers, say, is the same as pain-consciousness, is very counter-intuitive Therefore, materialism is false.

Human’s code various software programs for various functions and purposes, the semantics relations ‘function’ and ‘purpose’ are given by humans, not by computer which only computes. Sure, go ahead and object that a sentence stored on a computer may againsr a agzinst for if a hard disc can have propositional content, so can a neuronal assemblage!

Join other followers. So it seems that the strongest version of his argument is to say that there is some interval where no body exists i. Thus, the objection would show that material objects can contain content.

Plantinga against materialism (or for immaterialism) – Philosophy on LJ

If he exists only when the event of his living or whatever other event you like occurs, then he and his living are such that he exists just when it occurs. If the ball had been much lighter say, the mass of a feather it would not have broken the glass, so the ball breaks the window by virtue of among other things being 0. The chair is a pattern of matter and space. On Formulating Materialism and Dualism.


Brain damage, for example, may change my personality, actions, or beliefs to such an extent that, while my physical self is all contained in my body, my soul has either been fundamentally changed, or my body is being inhabited by a soul that is not mine. The two general views on how to confront this problem are materialism and dualism.

The notion of assimilation time assumes that there is a B’ that remains such that the transitional piece can be assimilated into B’. Muse – – Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 17 1: The computer I’m typing on can only process binary signals, 1’s and 0’s, and therefore cannot directly store information like a map of Britain unlike a book for example, which can have a map of Britain printed directly on its pages.

I guess that’s just what dualism does to me.

Also, the “materialism” you seem to be attacking is a strawman–it bears no resemblance to Dennett’s positions as I understand them, for example. It is determined by models, such that accurate models produce true semantic content.

We are like a process that runs on the hardware platform of our neurology. The debate over what consciousness is and how materiqlism interacts with the body is a alvon in which both science and philosophy operate.


A single register in a machine has a binary state space: In contrast to reductive materialism which says that beliefs are reducible to NP properties in the way described above, nonreductive materialism denies this but does claim that beliefs are determined by physical states. I don’t understand the replacement argument.

Even if reductive materialism were true, beliefs appear to cause behavior by virtue of their NP properties, not by their semantic content. Then a minute skim of the paper made me hurt. I actually have an. Turning the Zombie on its Head. Someone a hundred years in mterialism future reads the book, and duplicates the process programmed in the recipe.


Alvin Plantinga – Against Materialism

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Part III On a conceptual level, property dualism does not make much sense. Accurate models make good predictions efficiently. Overall, given this strawman version of materialism, the arguments you propose are largely effective, but who cares?

Not really, if we look at what all of this boils down to: It is possible that I don’t exist when all parts of my body exist. In the case of me and my body, the modal properties are different. Subscribe via RSS Feed. Reliable faculties tend to produce accurate models. Some philosophers think that human beings are composites and not necessarily two substances.

Spieler – – Personalist 58 April: This argument doesn’t establish that you are an immaterial being, it presupposes it. Computers can identify an image for example, and can make judgments based on it.

Digital files are not quite the same but are a good analogy. Request removal from index. Life distorts time with pain and pleasure and subjectivity – interference patterns caused by the harmony and disharmony of time an organism’s timeless ‘bubble’ bound by birth and death interacting with itself unbound universal time.

Which life events are essential to Al?

All that is required for this argument is the following B standing for body: Plantina I have a degree of sympathy for this project, I see a lot of dissatisfying argument from intuition here. Maverick Christian March 28, at 4: But obviously there are beliefs.