Watch high quality chess videos about Ein giftiges Repertoire gegen die Aljechin -Verteidigung by Thomas Luther & Jürgen Jordan. Although a little out-of-date the best is the two volume German Die Aljechin Verteidigung by Siebenhaar / Delnef / Ottstadt. (Sounds like a German law firm!). May was also the date on the cover of the first monograph on the opening, published in Berne: Die Aljechin-Verteidigung by Hans Fahrni.

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Steiner 15 September ; these were his only two games in the tournament where the opportunity for that opening arose. Maybe he will fall asleep at the board and you will win on time. He steers you away from lines where you have to memorize a lot of theory just to keep from getting killed. Mr Physick played the whole game in fine style, and the ending is a model of precision and elegance.

Maroczy vs G Marco. But Black should take the pawn anyway, since he winds up with the bishop pair and an extra pawn in the center.

I will try to get those. There wljechin 2 clues unsolved right now on the Holiday Contest Clues Page! You can download a pdf of the table of contents and of the beginning of the chapter on the modern variation on the everyman chess website. I’ve played the French for probably 15 years.


Whether you can play for a win against it is a question I don’t know the answer to. My dealer went directly to Aljfchin. They are not inscribed though.

Opening of the Day: No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. Just getting tired of the exchange variation.

Nd5 3 c4 with the idea of 4 d4. Pick your username now and join the chessgames community! White loses a move with 3 Bc4. Hermanus Jan Ament vs NN. To the Archives for other feature articles. Here is the position from later in that game. Nf6 in reply to qljechin e4 is in a consultation game against A. The Krejcik comes round again Now I turn it over to Boris Alterman. For reference, his exact words were:. Prokes vs G Marco. To the Chess Notes main page.

Blow the whistle and inform an administrator.

dictionary :: Aljechin Verteidigung [Schach] :: German-English translation

If you can read up on it,that would be nice, that’s about all he gives on it, and it’s fairly old to so maybe? I’d be interested to see GM Alterman’s analysis on this line. We now note that pages of the January BCM published the following game:. J Krejcik vs A Gottlieb. I need to watch this to get the others.


It goes back at least as far as R. Qg7, then 47 Qxe6, etc. If you already have an account, you should login now. P Krueger vs Gruenfeld. No posting personal information of members. I understand that he recommends exd6 in the exchange variation, and that he feels white’s strongest variation is the modern variation, where he recommends 4 Nf3 dxe5 5.

Ein giftiges Repertoire gegen die Aljechin-Verteidigung

It is white’s move in the position. Tucker and Long – Alekhine’s Defense: I faced this over the weekend as white.

Z von Balla vs K Sterk. But it’s no good for me. Not the Fischer one! Instead of the cool gambit, White has to play a Vienna or Four Knights or somesuch. J M Hanham vs E Delmar.

English-German Dictionary

Steiner v Alekhine, Budapest, The earliest instance that we have found of Alekhine playing Alekhine’s Defense B02 1 e4 Nf6. Zimmermann Zurich, 27 Augustas published on pages of the November Schweizerische Schachzeitung:. Alekhine’s Defense, Krejcik Variation 1.