Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment. RD Transmitter Specifications. AIRTRONICS. RD Radio System. Operating Manual. INTIMES no! Airplane Thank you for selecting the Airtronic RD Radio System. In deigning the. download airtronics rd manual. I need a owners manual for an Airtronics RD radio (not the super).. I found one here, but it’s $

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The purpose of a Compensation Mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect two flight functions.

Turn on the Master transmitter and the Model. By moving the Rudder stick you will see the arrow indicators on the screen change directions acorrding to the direction you move the stick, left and right.

Press the END key three times to return to the initial screen which will show the model number and the transmitter battery voltage reading. See the following illustrations. If set to zero, you do not have any Trim capability. L Revolution Mixing Low Point. To remove the pack, push down on the two ears of the battery door located on the rear of the transmitter.

To do so, press the END key to bring up the initial screen that indicates transmitter voltage and model number. You should set the packaging aside for use if you ever need to send your radio in for service, or to store your radio in case you do not plan to use it for an extended period of time. Delivery time is estimated using our proprietary method which is based on the buyer’s proximity to the item location, the shipping service selected, the seller’s shipping history, and other factors.

Cho, Ikoma-City, Nara, Japan. The purpose of this mixer is to allow onw transmitter control input to affect flight functions. Before turning off any unused feature screens, make sure they are at there default setting or do not have any affect on any control surface.

The four flight modes are: This is where you can set your stopwatch countdown time. Both transmitters must be programmed identically for the trainer system to function properly. The inital screen will show AR1 which indicates the aircraft type as well as showing the NiCd battery voltage. For the most flexibility in setting up an aircraft model to your liking, study the available options for Dual Rates, End Point Adjustments, and Exponential.


Differential refers to the ratio of up-to-down movement of each aileron. The Trainer system in the RD Super transmitter allows you to connect any two Airtronics RD Super together for the purpose of training a new pilot. Be careful to line the battery charging port pins when replacing the back cover.

I will not fly my model aircraft in sanctioned events, airshows or model flying demonstrations until it has been proven to be airworthy by having been previously, successfully flight tested. Exponential 2 is with the Dual Rate switch UP i. CROW both ailerons up adds quite a bit of drag while decreasing lift. You only need to read the introduction section and the one that applies to your type of model. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

CPY Copy Copy one model to another. CLK CLICK The RD Super transmitter normally is set to emit an audio tone when ever the programming keys are pressed, when values are changed and when the stop watch function is started, stopped or reaches the final ten seconds of count-down. Reinstall the NiCd battery and battery Cover. The 1 and 3 screws adjust the tension for the vertical motion of each stick. Normally during training, the instructor takes the model off and flies it to a reasonable altitude.

You can set the C-Mix for both directions independantly. Be careful to line the battery charging port pins when replacing the back cover. They have no affect on Flight Mode 1 or 2.


Only works with a PCM receiver. Press the END key 2 times to return to the main screen. Remove both switches by sliding them down into the transmitter case and switch locations. In general, large amounts of Exponential are useful only in instances where very large control surface deflection is required at extreme throw, while very small amounts of control response are necessary for smaller control stick inputs. Fine tuning of your gyro sensitivity for the various flight modes can be accomplished by flight tests.

Sanwa RD6000 manual PDF

Using a large amount of electronic centering adjustments will decrease the total throw available for that channel. The T-CUT function solves this problem by providing a push button that, when pushed, overrides the throttle sticks low throttle position and drives your airrtronics servo to a lower position, stopping the engine.


To adjust stick length, hold Part B with your fingers and unscrew Part A counterclockwise to loosen the two pieces. Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment.

Airtronics RD manual – RCU Forums

For example, when you are in a knife-edge and you give it right rudder but the plane pulls to the top of the aircraft you can simply moved the stick to the right and press the INC or DEC keys and abserve the elevator movment.

Select Airtroniics Two — After hooking up your controls and mechanically centering all linkages to the approximate positions, press the FUNCTION down key to arrive at the following rr for the Elevator control. To use this function, select the EPA function as shown on the previous screen. To the best of our knowledge, these tests were.

Typical thermal sailplanes require about twice as much of up travel than down travel of their ailerons in order to produce a coordinated turn. I will not fly my model higher than approximately feet within 3 miles of an airport without notifying the airport operator. With a black marker pin put a dot on the plastic base of the switch to indecate the rear of the switch. To make the tension adjustment use a small phillips type screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws.

Back to home page. The screen tells you the present rate status, and when a Dual Rate is set to the ON position, the alternate rate for that control function that is presently set in the program. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. By making this adjustment with an electronic mixer, the pilot does not have to alter the elevator digital trims each time flaps are used, and thus does not have to re-trim the elevators for normal flight.