pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Panasonic AG-HPXP Camcorder User Manual. Page 1. AG-HPD24, Memory Card Portable Recorder. AG-HPX, AG-HPX, AG- HPX, AG-HPX, AG-HPX, Memory Card Camera-Recorder. AG- HPX Search for operating instruction manuals. and Professional AV Global Web Site ยท TOP > Search for operating instruction manuals > Terms of Use. Prev Page.

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For details, see page 5. Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual for future use. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To ensure that our products are used in utmost safety, we once again remind you that we recommend the use of a genuine Panasonic battery pack for any Panasonic product that is to use a battery pack.

The genuine Panasonic battery packs are sold under our stringent quality control. Details about user registration and the extended warranty: Please note, this is a site that is not maintained by Panasonic Canada Inc.

The Panasonic Canada Inc. This link is provided to you for convenience. Contents Read this first!

Outline of operations Manuxl unit is compatible with P2 Professional Plug-in cards. Page 24 Panasonic makes no guarantees for your recordings. For details on how to attach the cable, see the Operating Instructions supplied with the cable. The security lock and security cable are designed to prevent theft, but Panasonic will not accept any liability for damages resulting from theft. Description of parts manuual Remote control The following buttons are for functions that cannot be executed on the camera-recorder.

The battery Charging Before using the battery, fully charge it with the AC adapter.

Keep a spare battery with you. Align the battery with the the AC adapter, place it flat, and slide it in the direction shown below. Please contact either a local or foreign Panasonic authorized service center for assistance in selecting an alternate AC plug. Adjusting the hand strap Adjust the hand strap to suit your hand. Open the cover and adjust the length. Attaching the shoulder strap Attach the shoulder strap and use it as a precaution against dropping the camera. The remote control Insert the battery Push the catch in the direction shown by arrow A to remove the holder.

Return the holder to its original position. Turn on the camera: Turn off the camera: The mode lamp CAM goes out. Viewfinder This camera has two viewfinders; one is a miniature LCD in the viewfinder and the other is a retractable 3. Use the viewfinder that best suits the application and shooting conditions. Do not try to open it further as this will damage the camera.

Adjusting the backlight The steps below show how to set the brightness of the LCD monitor to one of three possible levels. Press the LCD button. This shows you how to adjust the calendar sg-hpx170 5: Page 19 Lift up the viewfinder, press the side of the card slot cover Aand slide the cover B to open it. Push the P2 card eject button to the direction of the arrow, and close the card slot cover. This plays back about 2 seconds of the video and audio of manua most recently recorded clip before returning to pause mode.


Raise the P2 card eject button and press it. Using the zoom function This camera has a 13 x optical zoom function. Zoom with the zoom button or the zoom ring. Zoom in Zoom out Gently press the zoom button on the grip to zoom slowly, firmly press to zoom faster.

Either the 30P or 24P mode must be set for this. The camera-recorder shoots in the 24 fps native mode. If necessary, before doing this, perform the camera settings from the setting menu, and register the scene file. Using variable frame rates VFR Standard speed shooting maunal movie production When making movies to show on a screen, a frame rate of 24 fps frames per secondwhich is the same as for films, is the norm 1x speed.

If you use the settings below, the same kind of playback as with screenings can be obtained. Shoot 30 frames a second in the progressive mode. Shooting in manuql mode Set the unit to manual mode when manually adjusting the focus, iris, gain and white balance.

Panasonic AG-HPX P2HD Solid-State Camcorder AGHPXPUJ B&H

Shooting in manual mode continued Using focus assist Pressing the FOCUS ASSIST button magnifies the center portion of the image or brings up a frequency distribution graph at the top right of the image to assist during manual focusing.

Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the gain to brighten the display. Set here under normal conditions. Shooting in manual mode continued Adjusting the white balance In order to reproduce the white accurately, adjust the ratio between the three RGB primary colors. If the white balance is not adjusted properly, not only will the white be reproduced poorly but the color tones of the entire screen will also be downgraded.

Using presets Use this feature when you have no time to make white balance adjustments.

The current white balance value appears. When af-hpx170 release the button, the normal display will be restored. Press the OIS button to turn the function on and off. Turn the function off when using a tripod for more natural images. After backup recording, check the menu item settings before you operate the camera- recorder. You can also record continuously on three or more cards by replacing one card while data is being recorded on the other.

Panasonic AG AG-HPX170 Manuals

These special recording functions can be used only when the settings below are established. Adjusting the shutter speed continued With artificial lighting and especially fluorescent lights and mercury-vapor manuwl, the luminance changes in synchronization with the power line frequency.

Switching Audio Input During shooting, you can record up to four channels of sound. You can also switch the input sound to be recorded on each of the channels to the built-in microphones, external microphones or audio equipment connected to camera. Using scene files The settings according to ag-hppx170 variety of shooting ag-upx170 are stored in each position of scene file dial. When shooting, you can retrieve the necessary file instantly using scene file dial.

Set the same as user information. Saving scene files and other settings on SD memory cards You can save up to four scene file settings or other settings as files on an SD memory card, and you can ag-hpx1770 load them from the card. You will need the latest updated version of P2 Viewer. Download it from the URL address given below, and install it in the computer. Using the Counter Counter display You can display a counter that indicates how much time has elapsed during shooting or playback.


Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows. Do the following to recharge it. Setting user information Setting user information allows you mamual store 8-digit memo information such as the date and time in the hexagonal format on the sub code track area.

User information is automatically saved in the memory and retained after you turn off the power. Operations using the Operation lever Play q Use this button in stop mode to start playback from the beginning of the selected clip. During playback, the unit enters the variable a-ghpx170 search mode and starts 1x playback. Thumbnail screen Video data created on the P2 card in one shooting session is called a clip.

When there is a large number of clips, it will take some time for them to be displayed on the screen. You can perform the following operations using the thumbnail screen. Slot number display The number of the slot with the P2 card containing the clip indicated by the yellow frame is shown here. The number appears in yellow. If a clip extends over the P2 cards in two slots, both numbers will appear in yellow.

Adding shot marks to clips Adding shot marks will make it easier to find the manuaal you are looking for. Push the Operation lever in manuaal w or q direction to move the yellow frame to the clip to which you will add a shot mark.

Press the USER button to which the shot mark function has been manal. You can manula set more precisely how you want the thumbnails to appear on the screen.

On the thumbnail screen, press the MENU button. P2 viewer from the web site given below, installing it in your computer, and copying the clips again. If necessary, make preparations prior to undertaking the operations. The version of the system in mnual camera is displayed. Select this to return to the last screen. Press the button again to mqnual to the thumbnail manua. Fractions of a minute are rounded off, meaning the display may not match the slot total.

Card warning mark This mark is displayed when one of the following warnings applies to a P2 card. To edit metadata of a clip recorded in multiple P2 cards, insert all the P2 cards containing video data of the clip before starting editing. Select this to display the metadata which has been recorded in the unit. The Operation lever also allows you to change the data. Useful playback functions Variable speed search This function enables you to change the playback speed and search for specific scenes.

Press the Operation lever in the q playback direction during playback.