This page will assist Unit Training Managers in completing and submitting the AF Form , Classification/On-the-Job Training Action, for Air. Fill Af Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Classifications office noting additions, deletions, or errors by suspense date provided in email. ▫ Losing unit is responsible to provide AF Form to MPS for.

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Pass complete!

When does an ADSC, incurred for training, become effective? Retraining requirements are determined by Air Staff, and career field managers. Within how many months of their original expiration term of service ETS does a secondterm Airman receive selective reenlistment program SRP consideration?

Attachment 1, AFI Output products associated with all enlisted promotion programs are produced and must be monitored jointly 209 PSM and the career development element. When inventorying the FRGp, i,t document is utilized to compare the enclosed documents with? Describe the term disqualification. What is the AFSC for disqualification — reasons beyond control? How many days are months computed when you are computing service dates? It is the responsibility of the career imf element personnelist to prepare the relocation folder.

What form from the military personnel records does the Military Personnel Section MPScareer development element extract information from for a member wishing to apply for a miscellaneous separation? You can locate the form used to apply for a correction to military records at all of the following locations -any Air Force Military Personnel Section. You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center.


The Air Force Administrative qualification is a critical and integral part of what program? The SECAF issues written instructions to selection boards as well establishes competitive categories, promotion zones, eligibility and selection criteria, imtt opportunity and selection rates.

Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 3

Air Force policy is to retain Airmen who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment. What is the intention of the special counseling?

Occupational surveys, internal reporting requirements, surveys of course graduates, official audit surveys, surveys requiring OMB approval, and single-base surveys initiated by an installation or unit commander.

They were designed to help identify potential errors and assist with database integrity issues. Oracle training administration is the source record for what? CAREERS retraining allows first-term Airmen including Staff Sergeants on their first enlistment to refrain in conjunction with reenlistment into skills where a shortage exists.

Leave must begin and end where? Who is subject to LOD determinations? Airmen volunteer for special duty assignments SDA through what system? What form is used as the primary document to record the marriage of a military couple? To track casualty reports and notifications in accordance with procedures set by HQ AFPC; jmt casualties; ensures notification has been made to the NOK; and provides compassionate assistance to the NOK until all claims and personal affairs are settled The CAR prepares written instructions to supplement AFIoutlining the responsibilities of which agencies?

Return to the unit for corrections. ac

The Air Force Administrative qualification process is designed to be the first step in selecting reliable personnel to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons. What do evaluations document? Members are eligible for join spouse assignment consideration unless kmt are on extended active duty with the AF and the spouse is civilian. The enlisted assignment preference is used for continental United States or overseas assignments.


mit Do you want me to meet you when you arrive and what is the date, time, and location? To ensure the Air Force retains only Airmen who consistently demonstrate the capability and willingness to maintain high professional standards.

A request for humanitarian reassignment or deferment is considered based on what? Standard products include what type of products? What responsibilities does the survey respondent have? A humanitarian request may be approved when what criteria is met?

An Airman submitting a dependent travel to a designated place DTDP application must have all of the following -the retainability to serve the accompanied tour length at the follow-on location. Only reenlistment eligible Airmen receive SRP consideration. What form is used to apply for a correction to military ag

Applications for retirement can be submitted NET 12 months before the requested retirement effective date and NLT days to 209 the number of days of terminal leave and permissive TDY requested.

First-term Airmen who complete how many months on their current enlistment receive selective reenlistment program SRP consideration? What should a commander do instead?

The intent of special counseling is to inform members of their insurance benefits, the rationale behind those benefits, and the general availability of commercial alternatives. The effective date of retirement, for a member who elects retirement in lieu of demotion, will be no later than the first day of what month following the date the member received the initial notification?

What are the Casualty Services program objectives? An Airman submitting a dependent travel to a designated place DTDP application must have all of the following.