doesn’t has inbuilt ADC. So we have to use external ADC. There are many ADCs. Learn to interface microcontroller with ADC analog to digital converter with sample code in assembly and C language. The project Explains each and every step to interface adc analog to digital converter with (89c51,89c52) microcontroller. Simple example with Free.

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Sometimes people find it difficult to read temperature from analog thermometer because of fluctuations. The table below shows the comparison of family members.

There are two very important registers inside the LCD. They are data register and command register.

8051 – ADC0804 Interfacing

Command register is used to send commands such as clear display, cursor at home etc. The LM35 is a temperature sensor whose output voltage is linearly proportional to Celsius temperature. The LM35 comes already calibrated hence requires no external calibration. It outputs 10mV for each degree of Celsius temperature. LM35 sensor produces voltage corresponding to temperature.

How to interface ADC0804 using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

This voltage is converted to digital 0 to by ADC and it is fed to microcontroller. Then this temperature is converted into ascii form which is suitable for displaying.


This process is repeated after lnterfacing interval. The complete C program for this Thermometer Project is given at the end of this project.

Interfacing ADC with Microcontroller

The code is split into small meaningful chunks and explained below. Data pins are connected to port 0 of microcontroller. Similarly, for ADC interfacing with microcontroller, we have to define pins on which ADC is connected to microcontroller.

Data pins are connected to port 1 of microcontroller. Next we have to define some functions which are used in the program.

The command is copied to port 0 of microcontroller. RS is made low for command write.

ADC interfacing with (LM35 Interfacing) | EmbeTronicX

RW is made low for write operation. High to low pulse is applied on enable E pin to start command write operation. The data is copied to port 0 of microcontroller. RS is made high for command write. High to low pulse is applied on enable E pin to start data write operation. Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: Done a gud job ,it’s really superb. Awesome, keep it up. Hey Really well written and described. Keep up the good work! How to measure negative temperature by LM Its not possible with LM Is it possible to use the code for Proteus Simulation?


Thanks and more power. Are you sure the code is uploaded correctly? If yes then try a basic blink program on your hardware and check if that is working properly. Impressive explanation helps a lot thanks. Proteus simulation also gives the same result-glowing LCD but no display of characters. What is the problem? Please help us ASAP as it is required for our academic project. The problem should be with your hardware, check the contrast pin of the LCD.

Following formula is used to calculate output voltage: INTR becomes low at the end of conversion. After a specified time delay, next cycle starts. This process is repeated forever. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! Log in or register to post Comment.

Force the cursor to beginning of 1 st line. Force the cursor to beginning of 2 nd line.