View and Download Actron CP instructions manual online. OBD II AutoScanner. CP Scanner pdf manual download. CP OBD II AutoScannerThe most current software version is C19D. “actron cp autoscanner” Actron Enhanced AutoScanner Actron CP OBD II Cable for use with Actron CP and CP Super AutoScanners.

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An icon, when present, gives a graphical description of possible hazard. Select another frame to view if available.

A control system mode that does not monitor the output to verify if the desired achieved results. Observe AutoScanner Turns On.

Engine exhaust contains odorless lethal gas. Page 59 Traction Assist: Short Term Fuel Trim. Battery acid is a highly corrosive sulfuric acid. View Diagnostic 1 of 10 P Trouble Codes. Improper equipment use can cause equipment or circuit damage.

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Italic type states possible results of not avoiding hazard. An electromechanical device in which connections in one circuit are switched.

A feedback xp9175 that uses the O2 Sensor s to monitor the results of combustion. Normal type states hazard. Page 18 Within each category Powertrain, Chassis, Body and Network of Diagnostic Trouble Codes there are assigned ranges for different vehicle systems.


The standard way of referring to the bank of cylinders containing cylinder x. All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest information available from industry sources at the time of publication.

An ignition system that allows the PCM to control spark advance timing. A small electric motor mounted on the throttle body and controlled by the PCM. Short circuits can cause cp91755. Most commonly used to identify the location of oxygen sensors. Review Review The Review function allows the user to view the previous vehicle tested information.

Actron CP9175 OBD II AutoScanner User Manual

From System Setup menu: This warranty does not cover any Unit that has xp9175 abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use. Page 10 Risk of burns. Safety Precautions Sf1 Acgron Precautions For safety, read, understand and follow all safety messages and instructions in manual and on test equipment before operating tool.

Several different causes can have the same parameter indication. It is possible that some newer vehicles may contain data different from that listed.

The information, specifications and illustrations in this guide are based on the latest information available at the time of printing. Page 9 Risk of fire.


Actron CP OBD II Auto Scanner AutoScanner WOW Nr | eBay

SF-1 Signal Words Used: Page 52 Drive Cycle: Refer to instructions that are provided with update or upgrade. Actron professional enhanced scan tool user’s manual pages.

Display Test The Display Test checks the pixels on the display.

An alphanumeric identifier for a fault condition identified by the On Board Diagnostic System. A fuel delivery system will usually operate in open loop mode during cold engine warm-up because the oxygen sensors are not yet ready to send a signal. Safety Precautions For safety, read, understand and follow all safety messages and instructions in manual and on test equipment before operating tool.

A resistance sensor in the intake manifold that sends a voltage signal to the PCM indicating the temperature of the incoming air. A resistance sensor mounted in the transmission housing in contact cp99175 the transmission fluid.

In-line engines have only one bank of cylinders. Got it, continue to print. Page 56 Open Loop OL: Engine compartment contains electrical connections and hot or moving parts.