“A Tale of Two Divorces” by Anne Roiphe was alarming. I felt great sorrow for her mother, as she retold the failure of her parents marraige. It bothered. “A Tale of Two Divorces” by Anne Roiphe was alarming. I felt great sorrow for her mother, as she retold the failure of her parents marraige. It bothered me that. Anne Roiphe, “A Tale of Two Divorces” 1. Van Heusen Shirts 2. Two: horses, dogs, cats, cars, water, balls that were hit over nets, tunnels, bridges 3. for money 4.

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English Blog: Anne Roiphe – A Tale of Two Divorces

This article was very interesting, I felt so much pity for Anne Roiphe’s mother. To live a life of unhappy marriage must have been hell. Given that in that time, divorce was still considered to be a taboo and also woman’s rights were still in their developing stage.


Roiphe’s mother didn’t seem to have a very high self esteem either, she treated her children like they were her friends instead of mothering them and she let her husband verbally abuse her. Luckily for Roiphe, she was able to learn from her mother’s mistake and divorce her husband who she thought was nothing like her father but in the end being exactly like him.

And in respect for the Spice Girls I have to say Roiphe had much more self confidence in herself to be able to leave her ex-husband roi;he her mother did.

yooenoh: A Tale of Two Divorces

Women today have more rights and are more self confident in themselves thanks to careers. We are a different breed of women, the working woman. Housewives still exist but their numbers are diminishing. Women are not seen as the primary and sole caretakers of the home and children, men now in days are stepping up and taking care of the home.

And unlike back then, today divorce has become so widely accepted but has risen a new problem. Broken families and messed up love lives. Our society needs to learn not to rush into things.


As Americans we seem to have a problem with rushing into things to quickly, like the war. We need to slow down and not rush into something as important as marriage.

Marriage isn’t all about love anymore, with rising costs of living the meaning of marriage now means a financial partnership as well. Also the media is to blame, young girls look up to people like Britney Spears, who twi shown getting married in Vegas randomly and divorced a few hours later.

What is this teaching our youth? Marriage should be seen as a sacred and cherished thing, not something you can easily throw away.

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