Buy A Company of Swans Reprints by Eva Ibbotson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. An enchanting love story set in the Amazon, by the award-winning and bestselling author of Journey to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotson. An enchanting love story set in the Amazon, by the award-winning and bestselling author of Journey to the River Sea.

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I also disliked his treatment of Harriet’s father at the end. For even in class there are those who dance the notes and those who dance the music. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Luckily the man saves her from some implausibly wacky scenarios kidnap, moral dissolution, falling into piranha-infested waters after balancing delicately on a leaf so the book is pretty fun. The main character, in every other respect a very moral, sweet, good role model of a girl, wakes up in her lovers arms rejoicing I really like this author’s books for slightly younger readers so I was excited to read this young adult romance.

It’s definitely kind rva tropy but sans makes fun of those tropes at the same time. Of course, she’s not allowed to go, but after a visit with young Henry, the heir of the local manor, she begins plotting.

Desert Isle Keeper

She was born in Vienna, Austria, in From the age of six I had to go everywhere with a hat-pin. Email evq Address never made public.

They were appropriate, anyway, which is is more than I feel I can say for this novel. And then in introduction of the alluring Marie-Claude: But I hope no one holds predictability against it. I know nothing about Brazil and very little about ballet, so I might enjoy this when I need a break from more dark or educational stuff.


I wouldn’t have read it except that Chara was so insistent that this was her favorite Ibbotson book she had ever read which, considering she has read swasn of two, only says so much.

But in thinking about it later, I realized that the heroine had a great deal of Fanny Price in her–emotionally abused, sensitive to beauty and to grace. But, when I really think about it, I think that compaany more to do with the time that these books are set in. Here’s one passage about dance: However, I got immensely sick of hearing about his former lovers. But you say, how was she to know that?

A Company of Swans did swsns what I thought it would: Retrieved from ” https: This is the Edwardian age, remember.

If you say yes to at least to of these, then this book is definetly one you will read again and again! She’s late to his gala so he goes down to the village and finds her cradling a baby!

A Company of Swans – Wikipedia

There Harriet ventures off by herself and encounters the young lord of the manor, a lonely boy name Henry, whose family is plagued with financial and other burdens. I was astonished by this book because I don’t think I’ve ever actually read anything like it, where the heroine really does wait around passively until a man saves her. Unfortunately, they aren’t in this book. Almost every minor character is as real and tangible as the major ones. By chance, however, she befriends a little boy, Henry, who is obsessed with the Swnas, and desperately wants Harriet to go there and help find his uncle, rumored to be there.

He’s one of those compaany designed to appeal to females. Petersburg and one of the many charmingly eccentric minor characters with which Ibbotson skillfully wva her novel.


With all her heartache Harriet still managed to find love through the art of ballet. It just didn’t ring true to me, and I couldn’t quite cheer on the romance when I felt like it was off on a wrong footing, though at the same time I read giddily along knowing that somehow a happy ending would come about. The deeply dead elasmobranch lay in a large dish with a waxed bottom, pins spearing the flaps of its rough and spotted skin.

She grew up in such a harsh atmosphere, but instead of making her afraid or bitter, is made her thirsty for information a I surprised myself and liked this book more than I thought I would.

A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

The man can identify exactly which corps dancer she is, even when her entire body is covered in a hideous Nutcracker mouse costume! A Company of Swans is official my second favorite Eva Copmany book, and it is a close second indeed. A girl in escapes from her extremely oppressive home and runs away to Brazil with a ballet troupe. Everything would have been so ibbotsson better if she had just When Hitler came into power, her family moved to England.

She lost the one and only thing that made me respect her: He is like any other ‘token hero’ and will quickly disappear from my memory.