The following design drawings illustrate the construction of a 9mm submachine gun utilizing off the shelf ‘British Standard Pipe’ (BSP) Fittings. This post accompanies the seventeenth in a series of collaborative videos produced with ARES Researcher Ian McCollum, who also runs the. Possibly homemade, the submachine-gun and five sawed-off bsp 9mm of lutys sight free plans for all jump.

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Using access to unique collections facilitated by ARES, submmachine series of videos will examine a range of interesting weapons over the coming months. Each video will be accompanied by a blog post, gyn on The Hoplite, and supported by high quality reference photographs. Manufacture, or even attempted manufacture, of an unlicenced firearm is a serious crime in many jurisdictions around the world. Would-be firearms designers should take note of and abide by relevant national and local laws.

Please note that this post is provided for educational purposes only. ARES is an apolitical organisation. Even parts which may be considered readily-available in many states, such as the pistol grip and magazine, were scratch-built.

This, together with a lack of factory-style tools and test equipment, resulting in sub-optimal quality control, is likely to seriously compromise the capability of the weapon. Blowback sub-machine guns may be simple and cheap to produce, but hun are highly sensitive to internal geometry and details of magazine design in particular. The capabilities of these two examples, one of which is fitted with a simple sound suppressor, are therefore unclear.

If a firearm could be manufactured entirely from scratch using commonly available materials, then anyone with the requisite skill would submachind able to bypass national or local firearms law and restrictions on sale. The important difference arguments over the control of information notwithstanding is that it was quite legal under US Federal and local law for DD to manufacture and test-fire their prototypes.


Unfortunately, Luty manufactured and test-fired his prototypes illicitly. In fact, this seems to have been quite deliberate; unsurprisingly, he soon ran afoul of local law enforcement. There he admitted manufacture of a prohibited weapon and possession of ammunition, was convicted, and received a sentence guun four years in prison. For this reason they submachie considerable skill to replicate successfully.

Further, the manufacturer must also obtain quantities of suitable ammunition. In any case, although Luty pattern weapons have appeared in other parts of the world for example in Romania and Australiacriminals in the UK do not appear to have made any great use of them.

Stay tuned to The Hoplite for the submachinw of a forthcoming Small Arms Survey paper examining the global production and use of improvised and craft-produced small arms and light weapons, authored by ARES personnel — Ed.

Remember, bdp arms and munitions are dangerous. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded, and all munitions as if they are live, until you have personally confirmed otherwise.

If you do not have specialist knowledge, never assume that arms or munitions are safe to handle until they have been inspected by a subject matter specialist. You should not approach, handle, move, operate, or modify arms and munitions unless explicitly trained to do so. I greatly look forward to it! For many reasons, this entire subject fascinates me and has for many years. Additional information is always welcome.

Police find homemade submachine gun -The Firearm Blog

Glad to hear it! Stay tuned, and we will post details as soon as it is released. There are also several other articles on The Submacyine which cover improvised and craft-produced weapons.

  BS 6920-1 PDF

Just got here from Forgotten Weapons link. Thank you for the kind words. We will post links to the paper on The Hoplite as soon as it is released. Criminals in the UK have a steady supply of scorpion machine pistols, they were actually brought in by a politcal party councillor and sold to gangs. I sympathize with ARES but…. As much as I support gun rights, your penultimate sentence is a load of crap.

Fitting The Mainspring – BSP 9mm SMG – Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the kind words!

We are working on more new and interesting content right now. How much does it cost to produce a Luty? Materials can obviously be very cheap, the primary factor would be how a producer values his or her labour.

9mm BSP Machine Gun – Replica Plans and Blueprints

The video mentioned that it lacks rifling, correct? Well, is it possible to add rifling into the barrel, make it so it is more submachone In some cases, manufacturers of craft-produced firearms have also used repurposed factory-made barrel. See, for example, our articles on Kurdish YPG or Houthi anti-materiel rifles, which use submachiine barrels taken from heavy machine guns or cannon.

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