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There was one more amateur radio sta- tion in Antarctica during the winter of 58 which was not at an IGY base. The cost of a good AM modulator for a datwsheet rig could be prohibitive for a fellow with a thin pocketbook. For these conditions, the base current is 70 microamps and the collector voltage drops to 2 volts with the key dowoi. All items are brand new except vrdicons which we guarantee will work with the parts kit supplied when assembled according datashert the sche- matic and adjusted according to normal pro- cedure.

The watt resistors get pretty warm and these were finally mounted out- board from the main small chassis in order to not affect the electrolytic datasgeet.

Making the rods Simple but effective divining rods can be made from a pair of metal coat hangars. At higher frequencies rf tends to tiavel on the surface of a conductor, the famihar skin effect. With this work finished at Mc Murdo station, new antennas and equipment were installed at the South Pole, Byrd and Hallet stations. As sponsors of this years event, the South- ern California DX Club extends a cordial invitation to all DXers to attend the Janu- ary meeting this year.

If your results equal mine you wiU be well pleased. Having spent the past month searching the files to see just what interested articles are available for future issues, I would like to call for authors to produce. S, under their face datwsheet if the QSL manager has a large pile of them.

This work was finished none too soon as the buildings were snowed dataseet so that the radar, radio and ground control antennas were aU that showed above the snow.

Assembled weight — 40 lbs. A 1N82A tripler into a tank circuit provided a strong marker for that band. Current drain from the bias batterv can be further reduced by using 2b3643 DarHngton circuit shown in Fig. But vatasheet and fore- most, the person making use of tliis abil- ity has to believe in it himself. My melancholy was short lived. Ob- viously while the watts is not to be taken lightly, it is obvious that when you get into the high gain antennas, squeezing out one more dB is a very much worth while thing.

  AR 725-50 PDF

The reason for this is lb at a review in 73 gives our approval to the equipment and if it turns out to be a poorly designed device, we get caught in the middle. Full elecrical V2 wave on each band. Send for your free convert- er catalog. I got to know it well- 22n3643 whistles, its’ shrieks, its’ howls, and from time to time its’ effect on the neighbors, when ft inter- fered with television.

Great for marine mobile, toof Don’t miss this no-risk dataasheet. The next requirement is to obtain a “U. But J assuming you have watts at the antenna, increasing from 6 to 7 dB would raise your theoretical antenna dqtasheet from 3. His hearing had returned. Most keying circuits use a jack which has a grounding contact to short out the keyed circuit when the key plug is pulled out.

It will surprise and amaze you and youTl have no end of fun! These links might either be loops around the out- put tank or linear networks if the tank uses lines. I, Capacitor microphone frequency modulator Fig, 2, Basic varicap frequency modulator.

Custom made planetary drives, ma- chined to extremely cfose tolerance, provide velvet smooth tuning. Middleton, is tlie latest in the Sams “Know Your” series.

2N Datasheet PDF –

At the present time, due to retirement of regular operators, generous vacation plans days a yearand the activation of over a hundred moth-balled ships for the Viet Nam war, there has developed an acute shortage of merchant marine radio officers. That made a believer out of me, 2b3643 quick.

We would like to conclude wiih the follow- ing: After heated voting in 67 below zero weather, Miss Massachusetts 36″”” was pick- ed as Miss Little America of Due to the low price and limited quantity, we cannot sell the above components separately.


It is recommended that the regular key jack be replaced by one which has a separate pair of switch contacts that close when the key plug is withdrawn.

It can be used by campers, sportsmen, hobbyists, farmers, explorers— almost every- one, especially since it also datasheey volt batteries. The coupler dqtasheet of rugged construction and features mounting holes for permanent at- tachment to bulkheads or any convenient surface.

Tune your Antenna for Optimum Performance with this new antenna noise bridge from omega-t. Yon Just tuffo to desired hand. The wke used in the project was No, 23 cotton covered wire. He’d actually delighted when he’d first come upon her with her nose in the Handlmok and had been most helpful.

(PDF) 2N3643 Datasheet download

She thought for a moment of their wrdding day, six years ago, bright with hope. One father received a picture of his son 18 hours after being born. An old relay that has gotten out of proper alignment can be a lethal device for a transistor receiver.

They didn’t know about amateur radio operators. Then there are financial arrangements to complete.

New Jersey Semiconductor

The WR-7 jacks are available mounted in a standard 19″ relay rack panel. No, the secret of coming out on top with regard to antennas is to announce that you are using an obviously inferior system-and getting re- markable results. It is also better to have the reverse take place when switching to transmit, Tliis procedure is called timed-sequence relay switching. Thus they are worth a great deal of money when you obtain a sufficient num- ber.

While not many of us are in the position where we can go traveling around the world talking with the radio Administrations in the foreign countries, selling the benefits of amateur radio to them, we are in a pos- ition to get on the air and see that amateur radio puts its best foot forward to the world.

We are lucky to hear them working the midnight shift now-a-days.