We have answers. The complete IHRA rulebook is now online at filled with all of the latest rules, revisions and notes reg. IHRA Motorsports Rulebook Supplement. This supplement provides competition and technical information for specialized vehicles that may be used. accompany this application. Includes *IHRA Insurance Program, Rule Book, 2 Decals, Membership and License Card, 1 Year. Subscription to Drag Review.

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This fuel is available to use at the next event and onwards. For any further information please contact Head Office on 03 Class RegJunior Dragster.

Throttle and brake, operated by foot. Positive throttle return spring in use. Silencer or Muffler Optional. Please 20112 this area to keep up to date with the Latest in Rules and updates as they are implemented. This area is designed for both Professional and Sportsman Classes.

International Hot Rod Association

Should you have any queries regarding your fuel do not hesitate to contact VP Race Fuels in Sydney on 02 This may be amended depending on the number of available vehicles and the particular event schedule.

Maximum of 2 power adders permitted. Vehicles must run 6 sec or quicker and have functioning doors. Detailed class rules to rupe developed in the future. PM preceded by car number The Rules Currently. Carbon Fibre brake rotors must be used in conjunction with specific carbon fibre brake pads.


International Hot Rod Association – IHRA rulebook now online

Ruian Dongjinlong Auto Parts Co. All applicable sanctiong bodies have been notified of the nonclompliance. At the moment, herby Ruian Dongjinlong will recall all products we sold.

rrule And will do some improvement for camlock style racing harness and will be recertified soon. Sorry for bringin you some Inconvenience. Upon Driver turning 18 years of age any further competition is forbidden. After initial sign off competitor must complete 6 runs between 7. All runs to be solo passes.

International Hot Rod Association – Wikipedia

Heads up, pro tree drag racing. First to the finish wins! Weight breaks in place to keep parity between different power adders. Big power, Small tyres, in production based cars that people can relate to.

Multiple power adders across the class allowing for some great racer rivalry turbo vs nitrous blower vs Aspirated etc which also brings extra crowd interaction. Lots ihea new technology Fuel injection, extensive data logging etc. It is an extreme challenge to finesse massive amounts of power these cars make to the race track via a small and unforgiving tyre.

When the setup is correct, the tyres are so efficient that you will run faster than what was ever possible on a slick. Drag radial racing started in the USA and then had massive growth in North Carolina where the original 28 vs style races kicked the trend into high gear. Now there are full calendars of radial races with multiple classes and formats in the US. If you web search drag radial racing, there would probably be enough content to last a life time of viewing.


Most if not every serious US drag strip has a Drag radial in their calendar. This bracket consists of all vehicles that qualify between 0. This bracket consist of all sedans that qualify between 0. As a Friendly Reminder this rule will be enforced. Rule Number All bye runs must produce a winner. The following ET limits apply to the below brackets and will be run at all Thunder Championship events:.

Pro Stock Motorcycle Weight breaks effective June Suzuki 2 Valves 5. Engine sealing is Mandatory and any issues resulting in clarification of an engine size that hasn’t been tagged will result in the cylinder head being removed Post Event for measurement at the track.

If you have any further enquiries please email technical ihra.